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    Our guild - Bane of Corruption - is looking for a similar type of guild to partner with to do some raiding.

    We are a small (6 VIP accounts) guild composed of real world friends who get together every friday at 8:00 pm EST to play DDO. We are flagged for most of the raid zones but find we are short on both manpower and experience to run the different high level raids. We are far from anti-social but we group mostly with each other so we don't know many of the fine players on the Cannith server. A few of our members have done pugs for both quests and raids, so some of you may know us. What we are looking for is a group that is similar to ours who may be in a similar situation and want to from a sort of partnership or alliance to meet regularly to run the different raids with us. We have characters throughout many levels but our main guys are level 20, we have a Cleric, Wizard, DPS Fighter, Rogue and Bard.

    If your guild is interested let me or someone else with a BoC guild tag know here on the forum or via PM or in game mail or tells, we will be on these guys mostly, Jericho, Kex, Kexx, Aerham, Tonedeaf, Rasputin, Silas, Malvere, Neeman, Gharren, Riley, Onei, Bannfu, Ezekiel so please feel free to respond we would love to make new friends on Cannith and complete content we have not done!

    Bane of Corruption
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