I'm going to start this as a weekly thread. As it seems like every week, some noob comes up with something stupid to say. Please add the best stupid thing you hear a noob say as I need a laugh. Here's one from last night.

I had an LFM up for Tear of Dhakaan on norm level 4-6 saying be self sufficient may not bring a healer.

I'm on Sam Adams who's now TR'd.

Group fills and as we get to the first bridge and the WF monk (noob) says.

Noob: Sam you're only level 4.

Me: Ya so?

Noob: This is a level 8 quest.

Me: No it's a level 7 quest.

Noob: Well you're only level 4.

Me: So what does that have to do with it?

Noob: Your worthless in here you won't be of any help at all (saying it as if I'm piking my own lfm).

Half way thru noob has no HP or pots even though LFM says be self sufficient. We get to the end of the quest. I get the pleasure of saying. "Wow!! I was of no use to the party. I was at the top of the kill count and killed 20% more than your level 6 monk, and I burned off 2 cure mod wands heling people. I'm glad I was worthless and of no use in here."

Just makes me think. How did we used to do Stormcleave with a group of all level 4's when it's a level 10 quest? Since according to noob. A level 4 should be worthless in Tear, a level 7 quest.

The hits just keep on coming.

So that's my noob stupid remark of the week. Please feel free to add more as they come up.