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    Default GS Greenhorn Requesting Advice for long term intimitank

    Greeting. My Paladin recently hit level 16 and finally flagged for the Shroud. In suffering from noob mistakes I've come to be dissatisfied with my present paladin, and in the long run have chosen to eventually TR him into something of Aspenor's Arcane Knight build with extra skill points into intimidate.

    At first I was excited to merely get to level 20 and TR asap, but a conversation with a TR Veteran calmed me down. He informed me that if I knew what was good for me, I would run the shroud 40ish times and make damn well sure I had some GS item sets first to assist me with the apparent grind that is the mid-levels of a TR toon. He told me to research the hell out of the crafting system, and that for my particular character it'd be best to start off by forming a GS Cloak.

    Hence here I am, heeding that advice.

    I am at the critical point of forming my first GS, and Aspenor has further confirmed that a Cloak would be a good starting point. One of Concordant Opposition, DoD, and torq, whatever that means to a greenhorn such as myself (such terms presently fly over my head). Indeed, I have already downloaded the interactive crafting planner and I am attempting to use it, though thus far it has not shed any light on the meanings behind such terms. Indeed, it only makes things more mysterious as I attempt to figure out what the interactive game guide means by "focus," "gem," and "essence."

    Any input into how to form my first GS items is appreciated, bearing in mind my long term plans not of a pure paladin, but for a TR'd illusionist intimitank using Aspenor's template. After forming this cloak (if you agree that I should make a cloak as my first item), I intend to start a greatsword, so advice on what to put on such a weapon is appreciated as well.

    ~TheHolyDarkness Out~

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    Looks like you should be happy with a +45 HP / Concordant Opposition cloak like this.

    To understand Shroud crafting better, read this Wiki page:

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