since I am not having any luck getting what I want for this rune, I have decided to collect them all so that I know I will have at least 1 rune to give me the affect I want. Once I have that, all the rest will get crunched into sovreign runes and I will start working on that level.

I have 11 different tempest runes so far. my question is about the stacking of them. My understanding is that if I have 2 runes that are the same ie +5 prot runes, they will stack. So then a +6 to Str and a +6 to dex would not stack correct? or since they are +6 stat would they?

Just making sure so that I know how many different runes I need to get. 25 vs 15 total diferent tempest runes.

Does this make sense or do I need to go brew myself some coffee?