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    Default Sorc gear.. the best


    So I am just curious as to the best setup for a warforged sorc. Fire/ice spec, of course. Also, I mean the absolute best, All epic gear? thats fine with me, Ill grind it out. I am just not good at min/maxing caster gear. True story.

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    needs a boost i think

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    On the same page as your thread:

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    Here is my lay out currently, some epic gear can be added.

    Psyborg WF Sorc

    Helm: 15 concentration
    Neck: Torc (make epic)/ Torin's Choker for sup pot 6
    Trinket: Good Fortune for luck and fortification
    Belt: Archmage for arcane lore/other Amrath clickies
    Cloak: Napkin
    Boots: Con Op 45 hps/ Anchoring/ Firestorm Greaves/ Dragon Boots (epic eventually)
    Gloves: VoD/ Upgraded Titan's Grip
    Bracers: VoD/ DQ bracers (epic eventually)
    Ring 1: Rahkir's for Archmage set w/ greater combustion VIII/ FF ring
    Ring 2: Earth Savant +6 cha, +1 con w/ +2 exceptional con
    Goggles: Con Op 300 mana +6 cha skills
    Docent: Quorforge Docent upgraded: +6 con toughness superior false life/ DT Glaciation
    Weapon 1: Shroud Sickle Con Op +6 str +3 exceptional cha
    Weapon 2: Superior Potency 6 Sickle/ Green Blade (when using Torin's)

    This combination will give 557 hps and minimal swapping to cast spells.

    There is another gear thread three pages back, search and you will find even more.
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    Let me know your thoughts on the setup.. if you wouldnt mind.

    So yeah... after some more research... and no real answers as per my desires.. I strenuously spent time at work and came up with what I find to be ideal for a wf sorcerer and someone who doesn't mind switching items... here we go...

    Also-I do not waste valuable sorc feats on quicken, the conc makes up for it a plenty.
    toughness, extend, maximize, empower, heighten, spell pen, greater spell pen

    general running around- 40% healing amp for those random clerics who care.. even though you dont, 20% neg absorption COnc op
    wands/scrolls/random other items
    For infernos a 30% fire absorbtion shroud item.

    Skiver - +5 Dagger, Archmagi, Greater Arcane Lore, Efficient Metamagic - Extend I, Efficient Metamagic - Empower II

    Epic Spectacles of Spirit Sight - Greater Necromancy Focus, Greater Enchantment Focus, Empty Colorless Augment Slot (+2 good luck)

    Concentration 15
    45 fire resist item for abbot (plenty of time inbetween inferno ticks to recon so concentration isnt needed..neither is quicken)

    Torin's Choker - Superior Potency VI, Warchanter Set Bonus
    Epic Hruvayah's Medallion - Spell Penetration IX,
    Epic Torc of Prince Raiyum-de II - Greater Spell Penetration VIII, Transform Kinetic Energy

    Litany of the Dead - Turn the Page (CL:12, 3/rest), Litany of the Dead - Ability Bonus
    Xachosian Eardweller - Xachosian Spell Frenzy {CL:18, 3/1 rest}
    Mysterious Bauble - Major Mnemonic Aid (CL:15, 1/1)

    Epic Cloak of the Silver Concord - Charisma +7, Haggle +15, Diplomacy +15, Persuasion, Empty Yellow Augment Slot (resist 4 or exceptional con 1-your preference)

    shroud-blindness immunity, 50sp +2 cha skills, 100sp +3 cha skills. Conc Op

    Warchanter's Band -Charisma +6, Exceptional Strength +1, Warchanter, exceptional constitution +2

    ann velsing/lorinthors/band of siberys- Strength +6, Exceptional Charisma +1,exceptional charisma +2
    Epic Ring of Spell Storing - Major Mnemonic Aid{CL:15, 3/3 rest}

    shroud- 45 hp, +6 con skills, min2 hvy fort

    Gloves of the Glacier - Glacial Assault, Efficient Metamagic - Maximize II, Efficient Metamagic - Extend II
    Vile Blasphemy - Power Drain (CL:12, 3/rest), Use Magic Device +3

    Quorforged Docent of Battle - +5 Docent, Reinforced Plating +2, Constitution +6, Will Save -2, Superior False Life, Toughness

    boots-firestorm greaves/anchoring/fom boots/striders/balance/ff....

    spell pen 9-yep.. dont need maximize and extend reduction for spell pen casting....
    greater spell pen 8-see above.. plus u can get sp back!!
    superior potency 6-yep for those times using the eardweller isnt worth it
    cha 10-yep
    str 7-yep
    con 8-yep
    superior false life-yep
    conc 15-yep
    hvy fort-yep
    cha skills 5-yep
    con skills 6-yep
    45 hp shroud-yep
    300 sp shroud-yep

    You only need 3 minutes to dump all your sp at endgame.. if that. The eye does not stack with any other item bonuses so use its clicky, switch to litany, use its.. go to town... (if it is incorrectly stated then ill throw some switchable belt clickies in i guess)

    spell storing ring? yep, power drain? yep
    2 conc op that everyone agrees stacks in this manner? yep
    torc? who could live without one?

    cha mod
    10 item
    05 lvl
    04 tome
    03 class
    16 base

    38 total and litany... 39... +5 tome one day=40! ..or epic litany....

    con mod
    02 race
    04 tome
    8/9 item
    01 litany
    ?? base

    15/16 plus your base.

    45 shroud
    40 sup false life
    20 toughness
    80 base (lvl 20)
    20 heroic durability
    10 draconic vitality
    22 toughness feat
    40 race enhancements

    277 before con
    20 rage
    140 (just the 15 con boost)

    437 neato

    020 16 con boost
    100 20 base

    557 of rather static hp....
    537 when you dont wanna rage yourself....

    since I dont take quicken...

    23 base
    15 item
    06 con skills
    14 raged 38 con

    58 skill in concentration... 57 when not raged.

    Everyones favorite.. for last...

    10/11 base?? 10 or 11 something like that..
    14 charisma bonus
    03 persuasion
    04 gh
    05 shroud cha skill

    36/37. Reasonable.. since you are rezzing fleshies after all.

    One again, give me some feedback please... good, bad, i can take it. Though I will probably return the bad as I am easily dragged into flame wars and, I will be honest... I LOVE insulting people.

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