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    "man, you guys panicked like little girls" -

    to us from random pugger...

    best quote..maybe a close second was in a guild fraid night...MOST guildies highly intoxicated..

    shroud part 2

    "you guys are idiots!"

    same pugger who after shroud part 3 said..

    "you guys are all in the same guild! I didnt even notice till now..."
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    We suck.

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    This rogue was last to join PUG and all 5 other members immediately said "Hi, I have grouped with you before." After we all laughed at that she said she was a PUG **** and a group mate replied "yeah, her setting at the tavern is casual."

    So so funny at the time.

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    gtg my cat caught fire

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    Grouped with a pug one night who was drunk and he began to sing, rather terribly I may add, suddenly we hear a large crash that lasted several seconds. His mic was still keyed and after about 30 seconds of an open mic we heard soft snoring. After bout 10 mins of this we had to break group and reform because he toon was standing afk in the quest.
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    Default I'm Famous!

    Quote Originally Posted by ka0t1c1sm View Post
    Seen in general chat today...

    [Player 1] Ever seen Rocky 4? Best one ever.
    [Player 2] i think it gives 9ac though
    [Player 3] Rocky 4 does?
    [Player 1] Tape a bunch of those to your chest then
    [Player 4] Rocky 4 is a +9 ac bonus. Which means rocky is a base 5 ac bonus, but the rocky4 gives a total of 9
    [Player 5] they wouldn't stack
    [Player 3] That makes sense.
    [Player 5] :P
    [Player 4] Makes you wonder what the max dex for rocky 4 is though
    [Player 6] hes a fighter he put all his points into str and con
    Haha, holy smokes, i was player 4 >_<!

    I shoot out innane irrelevant comments like that all the time ^_^. I usually try not to do it in advice... but often i fail (Specially when someone asks a "rouge" question).

    Also, thats nearly word for word *lol* did you screenshot that or something :P?

    Edit: my funniest memory was gen chat in house J, someone asking "I'm a level 5 rogue, what level am i proficient with exotic weapons?" or "LFG Millers Debt!"
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    Alright so I got on for my birthday to see what was going on and didnt click out of general chat. I am so glad I didnt because people say the darndest things lol.

    I was so hoping I hadnt imagined that since I was drinking heavily lol I went to check my photos and bingo lol. No I was not involved in this cyborz either hehe the thank you was to a guildy for wishing me a happy birthday though I now notice that im playing a wf chick in the picture that gives me even more lol's then you all know.
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