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    Default Revisiting paths: Builds for new players

    IMPORTANT: I am not playing anymore and thus this thread is not going to be updated further (at least by me). This means some builds are most likely outdated. If someone else wants to take over this thread it's ok with me, you are welcome to copy / edit / replace my own builds (just ask moderators to help with the transition).

    In DDO, paths are pre-made builds that make it easy for a new player to jump into the game without having to understand the complex D&D character build mechanics. When following a path, you do not need to make your own choices at character creation nor when leveling-up, everything is done automatically. This is a great idea, but unfortunately many such paths have flaws that can make them at best sub-optimal, and at worst totally non viable in the long term, forcing the player to either reroll or buy some expensive respec tokens from the DDO store.

    The purpose of this thread is to revisit each path and propose a new version (sometimes almost the same, sometimes quite different) that you can follow in order to keep a viable character from level 1 to the level cap (20). Note that to do so you must choose the "Customize" option during character creation (and follow this thread for how to spend stat points, skills, which feats to take when leveling up, etc.).

    Update 9 remark: I am aware some builds would benefit from some slight revisions due to changes in U9. I will work on them as I find time to (which may take a while). Let me know if you think something should be fixed fast.

    THIS IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS: I will be adding paths regularly over the next weeks. If you are interested in a specific path, send me a message, I will keep a log of the requests, and will adjust my planning accordingly.
    You are more than welcome to post feedback, not just on builds themselves, but also on how the presentation is laid out, what should be better clarified, what information may be missing, etc.



    • Official build description
      The description you can read my hovering your mouse on the build name in each build is the one from Turbine. Keep in mind the revised version may be somewhat different from this description (although I tried to stay true to the original spirit of each build).
    • Alignment
      For most builds, alignment is not that important (in the color code I am using, only red should absolutely be avoided). A few general rules to pick your alignment (the first rules supersede those that follow):
      - Make sure it is compatible with alignment restrictions from any class you may want to multiclass with.
      - If you are planning to have a high enough UMD, it is best to be Neutral.
      - Being Neutral is a bit better than other alignments in the long term, to avoid unholy damage and be able to use some specific items.
      - Being good-aligned makes it easier on non casters, since you can use Pure Good weapons, which are among the most useful randomly generated weapons you can find at lower levels. For this reason I chose to favor good alignment in some of the builds, as it is more "new-player-friendly", but keep in mind the previous rule.
    • Tumble
      The ability to tumble can be handy in a varietey of situations. Even if some builds listed here do not spend points into Tumble, it is almost never a bad idea to spend 1 rank in it (you should be able to catch up on whatever skills you sacrificed after you acquire a +2 Int tome). This is especially useful for a Warforged melee who may be using a Docent of Defiance (which dramatically slows you down when its special effect triggers, so that tumbling around is key to be able to keep moving).
    • Dragonmarks
      Most builds do not use dragonmark feats. The first reason is that dragonmarks need to be unlocked (even if this is very easy). The second reason is that dragonmarks are typically not worth a feat slot, except sometimes on a fighter. Use dragonmarks at your own risk!
    • Warforged body feat
      Many original paths took a body feat for Warforged. However, many builds do not benefit much from it, especially past the lower levels. The paths proposed here do not take a body feat unless there is a long term benefit in doing so, but it can be viable to take one early, then respec out of it later once it does not help anymore (but be aware of potential side-effects of body feats, for instance taking Adamantine body on a rogue is a bad idea because being considered as heavy armor, it will disable Evasion).
    • Feat respec
      For builds or variants that suggest feat respec while leveling up, it is best not to use the single free respec given to all characters. This free respec should be saved for a potential high level feat respec, which can be extremely expensive.
    • Enhancements
      The enhancements listed in the builds are not a full list. There is a lot of freedom in how one can set up enhancements for each build, and a lot is a matter of personal preference. Those listed here are the most important ones to consider (the ranks given in the builds are the minimum ranks you should invest into, it is ok - and often a good idea - to get them to even higher ranks). For more information on enhancements, please read this post.
    • Skill points vs. Ranks
      If a build says to increase a skill by one rank, it means getting +1 to the skill. This may require spending 2 skill points as cross-class skills augment only by 0.5 for every skill point spent.

    Here is the order in which I am planning to go through paths. Feel free to send me requests if you want one to be done sooner

    Half-Elf and Half-Orc variants of all current paths (will start working on this once I'm done catching up on some other notes I took in the past months)
    Virtuoso of the Sword (Bard)
    Divine Avenger (Favored Soul)
    Shintao Monk (Monk)
    Angel of Vengeance (Favored Soul)
    Scourge of the Undead (Cleric)
    Henshin Mystic (Monk)
    The Voice of Power (Sorcerer)
    Deepwood Sniper (Ranger)
    Bastion of the Outlands (Barbarian)
    The Path of Light (Monk)
    The Path of Shadow (Monk)
    Two-headed Heron (Monk)
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