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    Default Medium and Large Splintered Horns

    What is the approximate trade value of horns? More generally, what value would you assign to this:

    * (Most demanding) Scales > Stone > Arrow = Chain > Shrapnel > Bone (Least demanding)

    (taken from here:

    Would a value of this be appropriate?

    Horn = 7
    Scales = 5
    Stone = 4
    Arrow = 3
    Chain = 3
    Shrapnel = 2
    Bone = 1

    So a fair trade for 1 large horn would be 2 arrows and 1 bone, or 1 scale and 1 shrapnel, etc. Or are the horns even more valuable than that?.
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    Not sure about medium horns, but large horns are not that valuable. Unless something's changed recently, you can easily get them between 50 and 100k pp off the AH, when scales are usually above 350k pp.
    At least, on Thelanis. And those are prices at which they sell.

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