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Hello there

I just started playing DDO with two other buddies last night. (waay back on launch we played it a bit, but didn't get past lvl3 )
So we are 3 noobs, looking for advice etc

I made a bard (tho I did it before checking some guides), one of us going for dwarf cleric/fighter and the third will be either a ranger or a sorc.

I checked some guides but most of them are dated 2010 and even earlier. I am not sure if they are up to date.
But I must admit I still couldn't put much time to read all the material
Oh and we are on Kyber, we just hit lvl2

Sorry, had PC troubles over the holidays and only got them sorted out earlier this week.

Did you get any help yet? If not, be happy to pop in and answer some questions. I would prefer to meet in game so let me know what times work for you.