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    Default Returning after many years


    I’m returning to the game after being away for many years.

    I need some advice regarding character creation and whether to go VIP (I was previously but want to make sure this is still a very active game before spending the money).

    Also, I prefer to play multiplayer rather than going solo, so if anyone is interested in a returning player, let me know.

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    the populations are low
    unless you like rushing through quests/getting carried (extreme), you'll be running solo
    The problem with focusing on the most extreme of players is that that group will only get smaller and smaller... Oof
    You know you have a problem when a virtual fantasy game ruins your concept of real world money and its value.

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    Default Returning player

    lvl 20 arti/4 epic - lf mentor artificer or vets to hang out and update gear /hang out etc...

    Metafice is the name, Thelanis

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