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    Default GS: I think I know how, but WHAT do I craft?

    Right now, I feel like a 1989 East German who just took his first steps into a Western European supermarket. The number of choices are overwhelming and I need some help getting my head wrapped around this whole crafting thing.

    I understand how to use the Altar of Invasion to turn my GS goggles into something more than a decoration.
    I understand how to use the Altar of Subjugation to add to my GS goggles.
    I'm a little fuzzy on what to do with the Altar of Devastation.

    The biggest problem that I have, though, is that I don't know how to target my desires for a shroud item.

    Do I look to see which effects I most want from each of the tiers?
    Do I look for my favorite Additonal Effect from the Altar of Devastation?

    I'm a Paladin 17/Rogue 2 and this is my first character, so I think that I want Smoke Screen. Permanent Blur effectively gives me 25% more HP for melee combat and that's a good thing. Also, if I reincarnate, I expect that this will be generally useful for any class that I reincarnate into.

    I think that means I can use...
    Invasion: Air/[something gem]/[something essence] and I get to pick anything I want for the gem and essence
    Subjugation: Fire/[something gem]/[something essence]
    Devastation: make two imbued shards and then smush them together somehow.
    One Devastation shard is Fire/[gem]/[essence] and the other shard is Air/[gem]/[essence]
    ...and I can swap Fire for Air and vice versa in the Invasion and Subjugation altars, but the gem and essence must match on all four shards.

    Did I get that right?

    ...if so, then I think I'll probably end up with
    Invasion: Fire +5 Reflex Save (F/O/E)
    Subjugation: Air +1 Exceptional Reflex Save (A/O/E)
    Devastation1: Air +2 Exceptional Reflex Save (A/O/E)
    Devatsation2: Fire +2 Exceptional Reflex Save (A/O/E)

    That's a whole lot of Reflex if everything stacks. If the two Devastation Reflex save bonuses don't stack, then that's kind of lame since I think I understand that the gem and essence must match in order to successfully combine to make a dual aspect.

    Did I understand this right and does anyone here have better suggestions on how to spend my hard-earned ingredients?

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    what you need is a planner, and there are quite a few of them out there.

    I like this one, it tells you what each effect does, and when you pick an effect it grays out everything you can't add with it.

    it then(once you've made a legal item) will break down each crafting step and give you a summary on total ingredients you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PopeJual View Post

    Did I understand this right and does anyone here have better suggestions on how to spend my hard-earned ingredients?
    you got it right, yes, and the tier3 effects dont stack, thats the price you have to pay for the dualshard upgrade

    an alternative might be a +45hp mineral2 item which will be most likeley more then 25% more hp and stacks with the blur spell too and gives protection+5 and heavy fort + a stoneskin clicky

    tier1: Material + Escalation + Earth....= Itm: +1 Con Skills +10 HP^
    tier2: Material + Escalation + Positive.= Itm: +2 Con Skills +15 HP^
    tier3: Material + Escalation + Earth....= Itm: +3 Con Skills^ +20 HP^
    tier3: Material + Escalation + Positive = Itm: +3 Con Skills^ +20 HP^

    Element of Mineral (Accesory)......= +5 Protection, Heavy Fortification, Increased Accesory Durability and Toughness
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    I (and many other people) find the cost of smoke screen rather expensive, given that in most places where blur really helps, you can get it from another party member. It's still handy to be more self-sufficient, but it's a lot of larges for something rather situational (unless you mostly solo?). Also, I guess you have UMD, so you can UMD wands of blur, correct?

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    One thing I am doing when planning a HP item is making sure I go triple on a single element (going 45 HPs). That way you only have to use one supreme shard (cutting in half the number of large ingredients you'll need). I'm leaning toward Air at the moment.

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