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    Default I'm on top of the world

    When I first started playing DDO at Halloween of last year, I have been continually amazed at the gameplay and the world. And when I first arrived in the harbor I was greeted by the sight of the beacon, extending out a bowl of light, to show travelers that they have not lost their way; that home is this way. And as I progressed through the game I continually wondered if it would be possible to reach the heights and stand atop the beacon, to see the world from the vantage of the birds.

    I have finally achieved that goal.

    Along similar lines of nigh non-attainability is the airship in the Marketplace that brings the veteran characters into the game. Though, with this one, powerful magics are required to reach this point.
    -- at least, that's my take on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcath View Post
    PUG was disbanding, everyone jumped out then I saw this:
    (Party): Wyoh is now the party leader.

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    I managed to reach the sky ship before Christmas when you got the Succubus jump bonus, although I didn't get on top of it as I was only 5th level so didn't have that high a jump.

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