Here ye Here ye!

This is just to announce to all fellow Orien habitants the existence of the Orien Raid Alliance.

What is the Orien Raid Alliance?

Short Answer - It is a collection and cooperation of all guilds and individuals on Orien that are interested in raiding and doing epic dungeons.
Go check it out here:

Long Answer:
Well in its founding, a few smaller guilds that had a handful of members wanting to do alot of raids, started getting together and doing them together. More and more members started getting raid ready and of course desired to participate. Other guilds then started to join in as well, and before long there was a bit of a standard cooperation between the 4-5 most raid active guilds on Orien. What this led to was quite simply that for the amount of raids all of our guilds were doing, we had in fact too many people that wanted to join them all. Thus came the establishment of actually scheduling raids beforehand and having people sign up - meaning that those who signed up, were priority in joining the raids.

Originally, this scheduling took place by all various guild members and raid leaders going around to eachothers websites and posting up raid times so that all involved partner guilds were informed of the raid times. However, this proved to be quite a pain in the arse when after a week or so there were 4 guilds which were active participants in these shared raid schedules, and going around to 4 or more websites to post raid times, and make sure your own raid times werent conflicting with someone elses, etc etc...well I am sure you can all imagine how much of a time waster that became.

Thus the establishment of a separate website became the obvious choice. And so, those of us who started the whole cooperation scheme in the first place decided to go ahead and start up a separate website, which all participant guilds could easily link to and check on, for one single place, where everyone who was involved would have equal access to the site to post/edit raid events, keep a common forum for everyone to discuss, and be able to schedule raids easily all on one shared calendar which would avoid the hardships of conflicting with eachothers raid times.

Basically, this website is a resource for everyone on Orien. It is open to anyone, whether youre in a guild or not it doesnt matter. It is a place where you will be able to sign up for raids, lead your own raids, do whatever you want basically regarding raiding on Orien. There are of course quite a few guilds who do raids internally and want to stay that way, but this resource is much more of a tool that can be used by all the rest of the players, which is most definitely the majority of players on Orien.

Everyone who desires to will be made an admin on the site which will give you access to posting up your own raids and managing them. The only requirement is that you post in the forums with your in-game character names. The goals of this website and community tool are:
1) To get to know your fellow Orien players.
2) For smaller guilds who want to raid, give them the chance to intermingle with all the other guilds/players who actively do them, to make it easier to actually get a raid group going.
3) For larger guilds who currently raid anyway, give them the chance to meet and know other players besides just those in their guild.
4) Create a nice atmosphere of regularly scheduled events so that people can mix and match what works best for them, and still be able to do everything they want without having to stay up until 3am just to make the raids they want to do, or be required to miss out on raids unless they do. Since Orien has a good deal of players from all over the globe, this will be no doubt the most important feature for most people. Want to make raids at EU times? No problem, youll find all the other EU players signing up. Live in Australia or Malaysia or China? No problem, you'll find all the other players who also want to do raids on your timezone.
5) Finally and most importantly, to help everyone on Orien do what they want to do, to enjoy the game. When that involves raiding or conquering something which requires a good team, this will give us all easy access to quickly forming up a team whenever we want.

If this sounds like something that is useful to you, or it even sounds like something fun, go ahead and come on by, sign up, and use it as you wish.