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    Default Trade a little bit between servers

    I'm trying to help some people on this server, but all my characters are on the Ghallanda server. I want to help them, but I am quite limited on what I can do for them.

    Anyway, to make the transition easier, I wanted to see if anyone here on Orien would be willing to trade for stuff on the Ghallanda server. I'm not looking to trade for much...A few stacks of +5 thieves' tools and some money is really all I am searching for.

    Just send a PM or reply here.

    (The marketplace didn't have a response for this request in a few days, so I assume I posted in the wrong area.)

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    Default If I may...

    I'd also like to include recipies 3&4 in the trade, if anyone is interested.

    Surely SOMEone has a situation like mine, where their friend/relative/alt is on the Ghallanda server, and they could stand a little trading to help give a jump-start.

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    I'll help

    Just message me in game.

    Soul (fvs)


    Me (ftr)
    Soul (FvS)........
    Heck I could "play" DDO just in my head. I could sit in my basement with a big "Nerd-On" making my own world up as I go along.

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