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    Arrow Worst Shroud PUG EVER!!!!!! Epic Fail

    Note: this was before the fix to part 4 when he just stood there and did not attack

    /rant ON!!!!!!

    So, the party entered the shroud the other day..I know I am not supposed to name names, but grrrr.

    We had a battle cleric/intim tank, a cleric, a thief, a fire specced sorc, and a buffed up summoned bezekira, and a few other puggers, this is what happened.

    Arraetikos - intim, battle cleric
    Adurnac (Orc) - battle cleric
    Kasquick the Mighty (Kobold) - sneaky thief
    Nimrisr (Bezekira) - summoned lion
    Anur-Shub (Fire Elemental) - fire specced caster
    Damasze (Earth Elemental)
    Mitanu (Orthon) fighter with cleave
    Sagrata (Bearded Devil) fighter
    Ubein-Lnaa (Troll) fighter

    <we enter dungeon>

    Adurnac:: So what's the mission?
    Arraetikos: We are supposed to stop the mobs from destroying the crystal here in this room.
    Sagrata: I'm on timer, gotta drop, kk, bye
    Damasze: Hold on, checking auction
    Party: Damasze is dismissed from party.
    Nimrisr: Woof
    Arraetikos: Dang, disconnecting, will try to get back before its over.
    Mitanu: Okay, I am on Korthos, sunny side, but do not see you..are you on snowy?
    Party: Mitanu is dismissed from party.
    Kasquick the Mighty: Is this on a timer?
    Nimrisr: Woof woof, WOOF!!! <runs off>
    Anur-shub: I think I just saw a mob, oh no, the dang summoned is going after him, <casts haste on himself and fire shield> I'm going after him.
    Party: Ubein-Lnaa has lost connection

    At this point everyone follows the caster and leaves the crystal alone...stupid!!!
    We round the corner and there is a mob of like 20 dudes all there, clouds, firewalls, holy moly...
    someone says 'back up and stay together' this point, a standard PUG chaos moment happens...

    Anur-shub: Wait, one broke off from the party, I will roast him...dang he is quick...<fireball, fireball, fireball> oh shiat, he has improved evasion and DR.. $#$%@ it!!! Help!!
    Kasquick the Mighty: ha ha, no one can touch me <jumping around back and forth> ha ha...ha ha.. oops, I'm surrounded. Ha ha, I got out.. <jump back, jump forward> Ha ha. Hey, heal me
    Adurnac: newbs!! <heals himself, hits something, heals himself> Be self sufficient newb. <runs away to chase the paladin>. 'I got one cornered'
    Nimrisr: woof <trip> woof <trip> woof <trip><trip><trip><trip> woof

    At this point we are all over the place...someone says 'who is watching crystal'?


    Kasquick the Mighty: ha ha <dodge> ha ha <jump> ha ha <side to side>
    Adurnac: <heal> I will kill you all <heal>
    Anur-Shub: Will somebody please get this M#$#$$#%#ing ranger offa me? <fireball> <fireball> ~evasion, no damage~
    Nimrisr: Woof woof

    I knew we were in trouble...' get near the crystal, it will raise you if you die, as long as we are up, they cannot break it, gather at the crystal, quick!'

    [party]: your party member Nimrisr has died
    Kasquick the Mighty: ha ha <jump> ha ha...oops, I am surrounded again
    [party]: your party member Kasquick the mighty has died
    Adurnac: newb, should bring your own healing <heal><heal> uh oh
    [party]: your party member Adurnac has died
    Anur-shub:<fireball> uh oh, you are all dead.<fireball>. Oh great
    [party]: your party member Anur-shub has died.

    DM: THe crystal shatters, your party has failed to protect it

    Anur-shub: great job guys, just great
    Adurnac: what kinda name is 'Anur-shub' anyway, more like Anur-newb.
    Nimrisr: woof woof
    Kasquick the Mighty: Lions do not bark stupid!

    Party goes afk/bio

    Party: Ubein-Lnaa has reconnected
    Party: Ubein-Lnaa leaves party

    Arraetikos: whew I am back, did I miss anything? Guys? Can you hear me? I must be lagging. <silence>.
    Arraetikos: Great, I am probably just standing there getting killed. Stupid lag.
    Party: your party member Arraetikos has died
    Arraetikos: I wasn't even loaded in and now I am dead? <looks around and sees we are all in the penalty room> What is this?? How did I get here? blah blah blah.
    Party: we are all back, where are the mobs?
    Arraetikos: <uses rez cake on himself> Um, I killed all of them, yea, thats the ticket!. Here are raises, quick get ready.

    He raises party.

    Nimrisr: woof woof WOOF!!! <runs off>
    Anur-Shub : I thought you killed them all, there is that dang ranger. Gonna use heighten on him this time, charge!!!!
    Nimrisr: woof
    Arraetikos: Oh no, I'm DCing again....GRRRRRRR

    Party all goes after the ranger, Arraetikos DCs...

    [party]: your party member Nimrisr has died
    Anur-Shub: Great, Harry is gone again, who killed the dog?
    Adurnac: I see him, its that same pally, I'll get him. <chases pally> Uh oh!!!
    Anur-Shub: uh oh what?
    Kasquick the Mighty: I am Kasquick, no one can touch me, <jump> <dodge> ha ha
    Adurnac: Dude, that is really annoying. There are like 20 dudes over here <heal> <heal>
    Party: Your party member Adurnac has died
    Party: Your party member Anur-Shub has died
    Kasquick the Mighty: ha ha <jump> ha ha <dodge> ha ha, I am surrounded again. <duck and roll> I'm free, ha ha...oops no I am not.
    Party: Your party member Kasquick the mighty has died.


    Arraetikos: I'm back...what....what the heck happened? You are all dead?
    party: /afk /bio /woof /ha ha
    Arraetikos: did you guys get that raise? Guys? Oh great they are all AFK. <buffs>

    He fights a long battle but they finally get him.

    Party: your party member Arraetikos has died.

    Kasquick: Great AC there champ <disconnects>
    Anur-shub: why do I always get the ranger?
    Adurnac: you all need to reroll so you can self heal, newbs </squlech>
    Nimrisr: woof woof
    Arraetikos: SHUT UP DOG

    Worst epic fail ever........
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