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    Default Allow Reincarnates to stop and smell the roses

    As I understand it...

    A character is currently allowed to "bank" almost 2 levels of xp above their current level before they are "xp capped". Reincarnates have to take steps to maximize the amount amount of mid level xp that is available. Some reincarnates want to build max favor as they level.

    To better facilitate this can we remove the XP cap for reincarnates?

    Allowing us more freedom to level at our pace?
    Allowing us to enjoy the plethora of lower level quests at appropriate level for longer.
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    I like, however "remove" is perhaps too much. How about "add one level per reincarnation to the amount you're allowed to bank."

    i.e., 2nd life (34 point build): 1 point short of 3 levels.
    3rd life (36 point build): 1 point short of 4 levels
    4th life (36 point build): 1 point short of 5 levels

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