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    Default Suggestion: More uses for collectibles

    Im sure many will agree that collectibles in its current form is pretty much, well.. worthless. The only collectibles thats really worth anything are those used in the stone of change. I could easily be accused of being a hoarder, and even though i havnt played this game very long I can easily see that my "blade of the six" count will fill a bag stack within a few weeks. Why not give these collectibles some real value by allowing players to turn in greater amounts of collectibles for better, static rewards?

    A possible way to solve this would be to give the opportunity to exchange a certain amount of collectibles and/or gems to get tokens or items. Let me give a few examples:

    -- Usables --
    Some collectables could be turned in for static potions (just like the tangleroot collectibles).

    "Sweet Whitecap Oil"
    Cost: 25x Sweet Whitecap
    ML: 6
    Effect: Regenerate 3hp/min (30min)

    "Deadly Feverblanch Oil"
    Cost: 5x Deadly feverblanch
    ML: 8
    Effect: Immunity to poison (30min)

    "Pale Creeper Oil"
    Cost: 3x Pale Creeper
    ML: 10
    Effect: Heal (as per spell)

    -- Non-equippable Clickies --
    Unlike most other D&D games based on 3/3.5e, there is no non-equippable clickies in DDO. A way to integrate them could be through collectibles.

    "Reconstructed Skull of [i]'insert random effect here'[i]"
    Unique Item, binds to account
    Cost: 100 Skull Fragments
    ML: 6
    Caster Level: varies
    Effect: Casts one of the already implemented spell effects commonly found on equipable clickies (Bane, Bless, Doom, Neutralize Poison and so on)

    "Lesser Necromantic Gem"
    Unique item, binds to character
    Cost: 10 Necromantic gems
    ML: 8
    Effect: Summons an undead minion to fight for you for 5min 1/day

    "Necromantic Gem"
    Unique item, binds to character
    Cost: 100 Necromantic gems
    ML: 15
    Effect: Summons an undead minion to fight for you for 5min 1/day

    "Planar Crystal"
    Unique Item, binds to character
    Cost: 100 Planar crystals
    ML: 10
    Effect: Casts displacement 1/day

    -- Non-equippable augmenting items --

    "Lesser Blood of Vol"
    Unique Item, bound to character
    Cost: 100 Powdered Blood
    ML: 8
    Effect: Necromancy +1

    "Blood of Vol"
    Unique Item, bound to character
    Cost: 1000 Powdered Blood
    ML: 15
    Effect: Necromancy +1, Deathward, 50% negative energy absorption, -15% effect from healing spells

    -- Normal Static items --

    Trinket, Binds to character
    Cost: 100 Smoldering Ember, 50 Polished Ore, 10 Elemental Ingot
    Effect: Fireguard, adds +1 fire damage to all melee attacks

    [insert weapon] of The [insert deity here] (Devourer, Fury, Keeper, Mockery, Shadow, Traveler)
    Weapon, Binds to Character
    Cost: 100 Blade of the Six
    ML: 8
    Effect: 6 different static items generated randomly (and binds so you have to spend more collectibles if you dont get the one you want. Rapier for fury, kama for Mockery, Quarterstaff for Shadow and scimitar for traveler. Effects on the weapons would match the respective deities portfolios, and the weapons would be slightly stronger than random drops at that level (+6 instead of +5 weapons)

    Another option is to make the weapons upgradeable by turning in other collectables (100 Amulet of the Six maybe?) and increase their effectiveness at higher levels.

    A third option would be to trade 100 blades for a Blade Token and a certain amount of blade tokens would make you able to choose from a list of static weapons that binds on aquire. More tokens = better rewards, just like the Antique Bronze Tokens you find in Sands, and if you're lucky you'll be able to choose a static from that reward list.


    All these are ofc just examples of how Collectibles could be turned into something people would value and use instead of being thrown away. The items dont have to be superior to other items, just useful. And most of the game mechanics needed are already in place to implement this. Its just a matter of rewriting text, rewards and make a couple new icons.

    (or Turbine could just give us 10tp for turning in a full stack of something. That would certainly increase their usefulness, but it will never happen so im not suggesting it)

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    Something I posted yesterday:
    There could be an alignment meter on your character sheet that shows how much you're leaning towards the different alignments.
    When you complete certain quests it can go one way or the other (depending on the storyline/faction etc).

    Also when you turn in collectibles, it might make it feel a little bit more rewarding to gain (or lose) some alignment points.
    Why is my Paladin giving supplies to a vampire, or helping a chaotic evil troll?
    There could be advanced builds (past lvl 20?) for deviating from your alignment or rewards for following it
    My Paladin could eventually become a blackguard by slowly going evil.
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    Or implement a *gasp* Crafting System ?

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