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    Default Change Combat expertise

    Now I realize having casting break combat expertise has good intentions, otherwise you just gave every caster +5 Ac as they dont care about their mellee + to hit. However, this really doesnt make sense when it comes to a monks special attacks. Monks should be able to sit in either power attack or combat expertise and spam off whatever finishers they please without having to reapply CE. I don't think anyone would disagree with me here.

    As it stands, it would be difficult for a caster to attain a meaningful enough AC to even warrant getting CE. This may not be the case with druids if they are ever available, but they arent. And when I say "caster" I dont mean a self buffing FVS/cleric mellee type, I mean someone whose primary role is to be actively casting spells. Since I'd assume finshers are coded as spells and thus break CE, just do us all a favor and remove that aspect of CE. Just about every caster would still continue to complety ignore AC and CE and if a few oddballs decided, "hey I want to be an armored/AC caster" who cares? That means an investment into feats,dex and int for everyone besides a wizards, so the extra AC isnt even a complete freebie.

    Removing the spellcasting cancelation part of CE would help the classes that actually use/need it, and for those who would potentially "abuse" it, GOOD! It's about time we have the option to make a different kind of caster. Even a pure caster type cleric for example, they were never intended to be as squishy as they are in mellee.

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    I think it should be exempt when using buff clickies. When I want to use my greensteel to cast stoneskin, I always have to click CE on again and it is somewhat anoying, and does nto impact game play in any way that would warrant this.


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    Cool Disagree...

    Having played several characters who use CE, i would have to disagree with implementing a change like this. I feel the skill is used to imply..that I am attempting to be more aware of what is happening in this battle. I will use my CE to make myself a bit more defensive minded during this combat. Damm, need to heal and my fire protection needs replenishing...Ok now where was I..ah yes...CE and back to melee.
    I feel this helps me stay focused during combat. if It just stayed on endlessly...blah blah blah...
    Hope you see my point of view though.

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