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    Default Melee boost

    Specific Spell Changes

    The following spells/effects are no longer permanent. They now last 60 seconds base, and 20 seconds per level; the effects have a diminished duration on players.

    Symbol of Weakness
    Mummy Curse

    The following spells have been front-loaded to be more useful at lower levels. These spells now have a base duration of 60 seconds, gaining 3 seconds per level, as opposed to just a few seconds per level:


    The following spells are no longer permanent for players or monsters. Both players and monsters enjoy reoccurring saves against this effect, though players get saves more frequently. The spells now last 60 seconds plus 10 per caster level. The effects have a diminished duration on players.

    Flesh to Stone

    The following spells/effects now have reoccurring saves and diminished duration against players:

    Cause Fear
    Hypnotic Pattern
    Greater Command
    Symbol of Stunning
    Symbol of Fear
    Several colors in the Prismatic Spray color wheel
    Otto's Resistible Dance
    Otto's Irresistible Dance (now with less Ir!)Awright giggidy giggidy
    Halt Undead (ahem, yes, against certain players)
    Chill touch (just to be on the safe side - you never know!)
    Vampire Domination
    Ice Flenser Poison
    Jarilith Fearful Presence
    Lich Paralysis
    Gelatinous Cube Paralysis (he has a sad now)
    Idyllic Touch
    Mind Blast from Mind Flayers
    Now has a diminished duration against players. Stand there too long, though, and he's still gonna eat your brains.

    The following spells/effects now have a diminished duration against players:

    Hold Person
    Hold Monster (hey to them, you're a Monster)
    Hold Animal (just in case!)
    Snare (the spell, not the trap)
    Now has a max duration of 60 seconds
    Beholder Petrification
    Earth Elemental Petrification
    Change of Heart
    Other Spells
    Touch of Idiocy
    Touch of Idiocy now has a duration of 60 seconds plus 30 seconds per caster level with a reduced duration against players.
    Hypnotism had its duration increased slightly. Its duration against players has been reduced. Players get a reoccurring save while under the effects of hypnotism.
    Ghoul Touch
    Ghoul Touch now has a reoccurring save, but a duration that scales better with level.
    Ghoul Touch will now cause enemies near the afflicted target to become sickened.

    Looks like Turbine is balancing things in PvP a bit XD :P :P :P :P many many squishies are going to get whats coming to them.

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    Default In the pit

    If a cc spell hits you for an hour or one point five seconds you're still getting nuked into fried s**t.

    Enjoy lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twerpp View Post
    If a cc spell hits you for an hour or one point five seconds you're still getting nuked into fried s**t.

    Enjoy lol.
    Only problem i have is IR dance... and seeing as there has been a IR dance nerf GL CC and nuking me XD.
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