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    I'm relatively new to DDO but an old hand at MMOs and RPGs in general. My experience building characters in the DnD universe comes from NWN and from the short time I've been playing DDO. I'm posting this build index not to instruct others but to hopefully gather some information on how to improve my characters. This will avoid having to re-roll them and hold my interest as I continue to level.

    **This thread is currently under construction. Links for all the following characters will be added as I create the threads. I will be updating the currently active characters and providing more feedback on how they actually play should people be interested. I am also aware that the layout for each build thread needs to improve, all in good time.**

    Currently Active:

    • Junokai ~ Half-Elf Scim 18FvS/2Monk. Inspired by Impact and Darkstar. *Retired until I can figure out what to do with her. Reading Zennyo's FvS Research to decide how to use her free LR.
    • Eternal Champion ~ THF WF FvS. Max strength. *Retired*
    • THANE ~ THF WF (18Wiz/2Ftr) - Power of the storms. *Retired -Made before Prestige Enhancments*

    Projects: I will roll these up once I'm confident the builds will last through endgame.
    • Arcane Archer ~ 11 Ranger / 7 fighter / 2 xx
    • The Skald ~ THF Human Warchanter 15 bard / 3 barbarian / 2 fighter
    • FvS Arcane Archer ~ 17 FvS / 2 monk / 1 Wiz: Made before Zen Archery and needs an update.
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