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    Default New Player? Please read

    Another thread has just reminded me of something i've been meaning to post. Regardless of what class you are playing you should have almost everything need to take care of yourself or heal whatever ailment may befall you during your questing. That said, i am requesting that all new players make a concerted effort to follow the set of tips i'm about to lay down with regards to self sufficiency. Trust me when i say that being self sufficient and prepared for quests will not only impress the people you group with but will also greatly increase your chance for survival and might even help get you into a decent guild someday.

    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way - I am recommending that each and every one of you dedicates one whole hotbar to being self sufficient. Each bar gives you 10 slots so here is a practical list of things that you should fill that bar with to make you a better, more bearable quest mate.

    1. Cure or Repair potions - the highest you are able to drink and as many as you can afford (generally between 50-100 is good enough for any one questastrophe)

    2. Remove Curse

    3. Remove Poison

    4. Remove Disease

    5. Remove Blindness

    6. Lesser Restoration

    7. Deathward Clicky from tangleroot quest chain

    8. Remove Fear Clicky

    9. Detect Secret Doors Clicky

    10. Underwater Action Ring Clicky you receive in Korthos.

    The deathward clicky aside - these all require minimal effort to obtain either from a vendor or the AH at super low prices. So, next time you log-in, make sure your self sufficieny bar is well stocked and you have done your due dilligence to prepare for whatever quest may be coming next. Your cleric will be much more likely to bother healing you if you've made the effort to protect yourself.

    If you've got the bank for a second bar, here are some recommendations to further your ability to be self sufficient.

    1. Heroism potions

    2. Haste potions

    3. Rage potions/Barkskin potions depending on whether or not you care about your AC.

    4. Protection from fire potions (most other elements are not usually needed, but if you know you have big elec or ice damage coming up in a quest, then by all means grab the other varieties as well.)

    5. A fully upgraded silver flame necklace from the Necropolis

    6,7,8,9. Resist fire, acid, elec, cold potions, 20 point versions are available in the twelve and you'll have a hard time finding a spot where sonic will kill you.

    10. Planar Gird - this item can be difficult to get your hands on as a new player but is worth every penny and is something you will find a use for throughout the life of your character. It allows you to cast Greater Heroism on yourself which gives a +4 bonus to hit, saves, and skills and makes you immune to fear and despair. Very Choice.

    Some other helpful clickies and potions include:

    - Aid for a small preparatory health boost before a big fight, or as a way to pop up an incapacitated party member.

    - superior spell augmentation potions which help a great deal in boosting your early damage spells during tough battles (superior brilliance III pots for example
    before fighting the vampire in house P will give you uber searing light).

    - Archivist's necklace the double mnemonic enhancement clicky you can get after completing misery's peak is a great little boost for any class that uses spell points

    - A feather fall item, ring of feathers from end chest in STK or even just a 3/day clickie are fine for early questing.

    - Clickies of fox's cunning or owl's wisdom which may help you or a party member get their ability scores high enough to use a rune or find and disable a tough trap.
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