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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganolyn View Post
    I have never bought a potion yet (except some light healing early on) and I have a mule almost full of them and a backpack on each toon devoted to them. Literally hundreds. I can't understand why people buy so many when I can't seem to get rid of them fast enough. I really only use them soloing on Elite. I'm not saying I'm uber or anything, its just that most times I forget to use them and most times it doesn't seem to matter all that much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merrelll View Post
    TR'ing again? LOL.
    Or maybe is just that the post is 7 months old.

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    It may be a good idea to mention the gear equivalents available for some of these potions; Poison (Proof Against Poison) Blindness (Blindness Ward) Disease (Disease Immunity) and the elemental resistances chief among them. Also worth noting is that Warforged and higher-level monks are immune to poison and disease.

    It's also possible to get some of the 'second tier' effects on clickies as well, if a bit rare: my monk has 3 clickies of haste and 5 of rage to use. They're less convenient than a potion during a fight, but nice to make a quick swap just before a tough fight.

    Of course, I still don't use them I've got this habit of keeping limited-use items for when I 'really need them' and almost never quite feel like I do. Most I usually use is a fire pot for standing in lava or fighting fire elementals, or a frost pot for monsters with fire shield on. And a repair pot or two to top off if my meditate doesn't get me to full.

    Which reminds me, I've got to figure out who our guild's best haggle bard is, I burned my last repair pot a day or two ago...

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    - getting 100% Fort below lvl10 is very doable(Relic Soverign Past) and even easier on a WF.
    - No shame in re-rolling, we've all done it many times. Better to re-roll and apply your new knowledge & experience, than to stubbornly continue to play a totally messed up build. (Exception if you're lvl16+ already and willing to spend TP to TR the instant you reach 20)
    - In game advice on the /advice channel is usually horrible. Take the advice with a grain of salt. Ask a min. of 10 lvl20 toons the same question (still a good chance to get bad advice). Then come to the forum and research the same topic (now you are starting to filter some of the bad advice out). Go back in the game and ask the question again once early in the morning, then another time later that afternoon (to get a good cross section of EU and Others). Do this before you reroll, LR, Exchange feats, Level up, TR etc... Cause there is nothing worse than spending resources to make changes to your toon, only to find out 5min later that it was a poor choice.

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    The advice in the OP is unrealistic in regards to a new players buying power. Especially asking the newbie to buy the biggest healing potions is completely out of reach. The bigger the pots, the more they cost per hit point healed.
    The right advice is to buy lots of Cure Lights for out of combat healing and stick with those for until the newbie is financially in a better position; and a few Cure Mod and later Serious only for emergency in-combat heals.

    Further, the OP advices potions that are mostly pointless at low level to drain the newbie coffers even quicker - Remove Disease is pointless, Curse lasts 1 minute and Poison Immu is only needed if you plan to wade through poison traps for a long time.
    Regenerating stats and all that...

    Blindness Immunity is important because the effect is so unpleasant for the player.

    The only way to finance the advocated lifestyle for the new player is to find a Medium Dragonshard Fragment or somesuch and sell off his valuable find.

    Instead of setting expectations for an extreme twink economy where newbies either sell a rare pull or cannot but feel underprepared, you should point out efficient ways to get along with the newbie income.

    -Cure Light! After only a few lowbie quests, you can buy a stack of 100 of them
    -Pointing out irrelevant potions (Disease)
    -Pointing out the more important ones (Blindness)
    -Advicing to prefer weapons with high attack bonus instead of an added d6 to not have to rely on Hero pots to hit things
    -Asking the Ranger for Bark

    Of course, alternatively, you can just give them a shopping list with stuff for 20000 Plat and get some applause on the forums...
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    I'll tell you if you take care of your own curses.


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    Great post!

    I'd like to add a lot of the pots listed, especially the protection from elements potions drop quite reguarly in low level instances. Repeating quests like the Waterworks chain, Hazadils Goods chain and An Explosive Situation can gain new players a lot of these potions from all the crates and breakables. Lesser Restoration and Remove Blindness can also be found this way but are less common.

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    /signed and I agree.

    Found this to be of paramount importance when playing my rogue. It's nice to not have to fret and worry if "Class X" will be in the group for a certain buff and not rely on them. Especially in terms of remove curse, remove blindness, or cure disease--you really need to have a few of these. I carry 15 of each. Really takes the pressure off of the party cleric or healer and preserves SPs for more offensive casting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zereth501 View Post
    F2P cannot post here, so they are unlikely to have read this post.
    I'm F2P yet I post a lot :P
    Quote Originally Posted by TitoJ View Post
    I've never spent more than 5 minutes in a character generator. But I've spent countless hours talking about myself, and how great I am.

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    I agree with Carlll. This advice is WAY too expensive for first character on server (good for people that already have lot of friends / high lv character / after TR). Not to mention they make your inventory way smaller.
    What person should stick with in my opinion:
    - resist potions (but only those from brekables) for new player even those can be expensive and for example kobold assalut require 3 potions (fire on hard, elect on elite) to finish it constantly resisted.
    - cure light wound potions (cure light wound wand for Rangers, Palies, Clerics, Bards, (FvS)). The best price per HP. Use it betwen fights. In fight let your cleric heal your wounds (they are far better than any potions, and their cure modernate wounds should be equivalent of heal heavy wounds potion) (if they don't just try to run away and heal a bit). I prefer colected pots. Wands you should buy.
    - blindnes removal - 3 potions in your inventory per mission is must (for Temprest Spine even more) hardly ever happens that you get blinded more than once per mission. Blind start to be cast at lv 3 quest, elite or hard diff (lv 4/5 quests). You can also use it on others.
    - disease removal - happens to be annoying status (that last very long) but i wouldnt bother bring potions especially for this.
    - poison protection - it is must as fast as you can, but in proof against poison item (they are cheap!). And you don't have to worry about lesser restoration (unless you are barbarian)
    - curses - annoying status for fighters. if it cast on you turn off your Power atack, and stop runnig around like rabid rabit and it should help you with hitting mobs once again (if you can't and you are warrior/ barbarian there is something wrong with your build). the bigger importance to curse removal come later when you fight with Clay Golems (Tear of Dhakkan (optional), or Hauted Libary) that can curse you with curse that makes you immune to ANY form of healing. So few potions can be usefull. You can also use potions on others. Note: Be warned if you Using Magic Device wand on yourself you will propably get -4 to roll (for most common curses).
    - ?All in one? - I am not sure if potions are availble, but there is wand and cleric spell that cures poisons, blindnes, diseases, cures light wounds (and propably few more, but not curses) named Panacea (if you prefer less inventory spaces used, but a bit more expensive).

    More: Breaking boxes for looking for potion is very time consuming. In many quests (especially if you dont have full party to keep smashing crates) it is simpler to run few times quests get fast lv up and run at better content (with better, more expensive loot) than break evry single create to get potions.
    Colectables are cool but i would avoid to much colection (it can take much inventory storage even if you buy medium bag). What colectible to avoid -> most low level 3 per scroll / amunition etc. (is getting 3 whitecaps and 50% for cure light wounds potion worth?). What collectibles are good: This that gives you usefull wands (especially healing (wavecrasher cargo manifests, house sealed leaters (high lv))), this that are used in rituals, rare ones (Dragonshard fragments small/medium/large), event collectables (risa ice games coins (make your own ice or even ice burst weapon), festivult coins (the best cookies (potions) ever)).

    Being self sufficient is good, but DDO is very group oriented game. If you caught some bad status (especially in fight) don't cry for status removal it is better sometimes to die with dignity (Note: that status removal spells are usualy relative (at level you get them) highly SP-cost for clerics -> much less healing for you DOOD). That why blind is annoying (you don't die from this, and if group is good they clear encounter and they HAVE to cure you (because you almost dont move) if you don't have your own potion (Note: players usually don't like to do that, because they use their resources)).

    Note: Not evry Cleric is Healer (aka. Healbot) so keep that in mind and don't be too negative to them. Clerics ofen have to you much of their resurces (expensive MP potions, scrolls (heal, rise death), wands) especialy in lategame.

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    Sorry, but that's the type of mentality that spawns new players who do not prepare themselves. Smashing crates and grabbing collectibles are easy ways of gathering potions or get stuff to turn in for potions/wands. It's not like a majority of these are "out of the way" in a quest.

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    It should be noted that the curse pots i recommended when i originally wrote the OP, were curing a curse spell that was permanent until removed. The timer on curse and a few other spells is a new wrinkle.

    That's right - the game used to be more difficult. So enjoy the current easier iteration, but don't sleep on the vast majority of my advice.
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    Even though there have been a few changes, the advice is still good and relevant.

    The curses that don't let you be healed are still a good reason to carry remove curse.

    Once in a while the regular curses can make you miss a needed roll but that doesn't seem to happen very often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalari View Post
    To add to that for those who say they cannot afford to have potions there are ways of getting them free:

    May seem like a shameless plug but its not these turn ins can mean you saving gold and having items to cure status ailments like blindness, curse, and disease also plenty of hp regenerating items and heal pots.

    Good list OP
    Great list and great point Kalari

    Lots of us wo've been here for awhile forget how much potions cost when you are "fresh off the boat"....once you are out of Korthos...pick up the stuff in the bags on the ground and click on the mushrooms, bags, flowers, bookcases and cabines that "shimmer"...those collectibles can turn in for "bane" weapons, scrolls, potions, wands....all the things that help make you much more self-suffiicient and make the game tons easier to advance in.

    Also...pick up the "change" on the'd be surprised how much you can get just by piking up the stuff that falls out of crates
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanshilar View Post
    By the way -- you can't use the remove fear clickie on yourself, you can only use it on groupmates.

    Found that out the hard way...
    actually you can, as the worst debuffs are categorized as fear (10min despair etc..) these debuffs lower everything by 2-4 depending on the area and debuff but are all removed by a fear clicky. also get a bless clicky to remove bane which has the same effects.

    good example is in the abbot, he gives a 10min debuff that is removed by a remove fear clicky, GH is great here but he chain dispels every buff you have throughout the fight so a fear clicky here or there helps a lot.

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