nope, im not asking for GS hw, we'v all heard the argument, the coding would be devastating
with hw not existing lik other weapons


I want to bring one of my older ideas back to light.

back in the day, combatants used HW, and also wrapped rope around ther hands
(see muay boran.)
so why dont we make HW something secondary, like arrows. A monk will need to have HW equiped in order to wear (and this is new gear that will need to be added)

-ROPE WRAPS > SLASH: you may not think so, but thats what these were good for, cutting open a guys face, trust me on this one

-IRON GAUNTLET WRAPS > BLUDGEON: flat metal at the end of your fist, sounds like bludgeon to me

-IRONSPIKED WRAPS > PIERCE: i think thats self-explanatory

this makes sense because
1. monks can only have ONE set of HW on at a time, so having HW + my new gear
will take up the two weapon slots, bring added effects into the damage roll like GS weps work for every1 else
2. monks will recieve more damage type attacks and have more variety (currently only have bludge+slash)

it would be cool to have, maybe a bit overpowering if us monks can use them from the start, so
maybe even add a feat to the monks special feat list to use these without a penalty
Proficiency: special unarmed weapons

or make them sumthing that needs to be crafted also
DEVS can write new code for it lik al the other weapons have to make it work out and less complicated

yes i know, monks got rings to make up the difference, but we're not the only ones who can use them
any class can use the monk gear and get something from it
sure it benefits us more, but it also benefits others