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    Default Shroud 1-4 fun, just telling a story

    Sharing a bit I fun from a shroud 1-4 from last night thru my eyes here is how it went......(I typically only run completion runs....but since reincarnating before 20 of them and would like to shard up thru tier two 7-8 items I've been in a couple of these.)

    Group 16-20........I'm 9th or so to join with 14/2 pali/ finishes filling fast and in we go. No bard, but two casters, two healers, and solid dps, one rogue as well.

    Part one goes fine if a bit slow.... I think we shook hands with four portal keepers.....the leader asked if anyones first time so he could direct but I didn't notice anyone volunteer it was indeed thier first time.....just for fun I'm power attacking with devout handwraps on the portals.

    Part two we get devil fire troll kobald. Leader splits up group and part two is silky beat down and kill.....untill all dead and south barrier still up.....and lit up with firewalls.....the caster assigned to crystal (guildie of mine hehehe, first time in and like about half the party afraid to admit first time run.). So had lit up the south barrier with fire walls instead of crystal.....I'm rolling....someone else somehow was ahead of the fire ele and got crystal before respawn.

    Part three.......lead has someone cut and paste online solver to party chat (dirty rotten cheat solver.). Tick tock tick tock......I type to the rogue, make sure your out of room, about 4 min has passed and wall likely coming soon. 7 people in the last room to solve (se 5x5) including rogue and both clerics. No shocker here....wall comes and blamo.....ok, either Mage have knock? Sure one says....we run over and he starts wand knocking.....eventually gets it. I make an unforseen mistake here (I don't collect all the stones) I res a cleric who proceeds to res party.

    As soon as rogue is up I type to pick door. He does and I run back to middle and stand next to afk fighter with his 30 remaining hp. You guessed it, other three ran in room where we were resing and no one solves and no one comes out of room and blammo!!! 10 dead inside se room.......I'm really rolling.....I type wait not a wipe yet, just loosing 2 chests.

    Fighter comes back and runs out with me to break crystal over room, steps on yellow rune and blammo, now it is just me!!! I end up throwing axe the crystal down and in goes the water.

    Part four goes wellish.....2 rounder, 4 dead including myself (tail fighting did not last long, either he is fixed now or a bit I deception at play, not well aced ATM.). Of the group, only the two clerics could res (neither 17 sorc could and no clickies floating around apparently.). I and another do not get ressed and so concludes my story.

    I had a blast on this run and was laughing my azz off much of the time, ingredients be danmed.
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    and having fun is the whole point of a GAME....

    sounds like it was a good group, albeit not as well versed in shroud lore as most you would find on other servers at this point...

    (side tangent, had a rather fun/humerous run the other night doing a Elite favor Von5/6 run. What made it '"fun" was that no one in the group had any rogue type flagged and that made some of the hallways in 5, rather "ahem interesting" especially when things like the voice got dropped half way down... even with some plain evasion toons, it was an exercise in one point by the end of the run, the tally was pushing 50 deaths...(Even the climb up from the steam launcher room snagged a count or might have been quicker to go flag a rogue as it turned out, but clearly not as much fun and amusement...) Von6 was a simple mass rush and Velah died in a hail of spells and weapon blows with only 3 or 4 of the 10 who rushed taking a dirt nap in those 15 seconds...) We did however pull 5 or 6 raid items in the chest...including boots and two KDS's....
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