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Thread: Know the quest

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    I'll echo a bit of what Chairy said, albeit less eloquently and less psychotically

    The new players in the game have a great advantage that a lot of us didn't have: numbers. I started playing DDO in mid-2008 when the game was at the start of its biggest decline. The LFM pages were empty. I had to, literally, beg my way into my first Shroud (some people posting in this thread were in my first Shroud, as a matter of fact).

    I basically solo'd a dex-based, low-con, pooly equipped, untwinked pure rogue through levels 1-12. I didn't do this to prove I could, I did it because I really didn't have many other options. There were simply few, if any PUGs. I could write a book on the number of quests I fought my way through only to die to an unkillable (by a gimpy rogue) final mob.

    When I was playing the mid-levels, I never ONCE saw the LFM page full. I'm not talking about being full of quests my level, I'm talking about never being full of ANY quests. Last night, however, there looked to be at least 5 FULL PAGES of LFMs. There were speed quests, F2P quests, zergs, and crawls listed. I'm fairly confident any player at any level could find a quest that suits their play style with that many options on the LFM page.

    Additionally, if, for some reason, the exact quest you want to run is not listed, I'd bet you could fill an LFM wicked fast if you posted it. Even an LFM that says "I don't know it so we'll figure it out." would probably fill.

    This all being said, I love playing teacher in a quest and would gladly help new players learn it. Unfortunately, I don't know many quests well enough to teach them But if anyone needs a guide for Prove Your Worth, Two Toed Tobias, Tangleroot, or Stromvold's Mine, I'm your guy!
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    Sometimes I post fast runs in the LFM. I do not mind taking newbies. I do not mind explaining the quest in tells if they don't know it and are embarrassed to say so in chat. I simply tell everyone who is new to send me a tell.

    I do mind somebody unfamiliar with the quest who says nothing about it. It can really screw things up and there is no reason for it. For whatever reason, this seems to be happening a lot in Shroud runs of late. Lots of newbies and rarely any indication until the cleric runs through the middle and dies, etc.

    My point: let your leader know if you are new to a quest. It's just polite and the right thing to do.

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    I do know the quests.....up to Lvl 16 anyway....very well. And have a passing knowledge of the higher lvl ones as well.

    And I will never join a quest like that out of principle.

    And it thrills me to no end to see those LFMs stay up for the next hour or so.
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    ..., but I honestly think the solution is to group with less whiny people.

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    I'm new and I most certainly don't take offense or get discouraged by LFM's that say 'know the quest'. I'm relatively sure most new people wouldn't mind. Since most have played MMO's before.
    It's not hard to understand where people come from after having done quest X numerous times.

    Also, if someone invites me to a group for a quest and I don't know it I'll say just that. Then again, I also feel that new people should just nod and smile and follow the rest. Do first, ask questions later lol.

    So far, imho, Ghallanda has been a very welcoming and helpful crowd. Even when asking silly questions in advice or taking a wrong turn during a quest, no one has been mean or rude to me.

    In other words, this newbie feels right at home here. Thanks to all of you

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