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    Default Happy Holidays Ghallanda!

    May your loot be plenty.
    May your XP be quick.
    May your favor be forthcoming.
    and May all of you be safe in your travels.

    Happy Holidays form Missy and the Marauding Missfits.

    /game on...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay203 View Post
    ~locks Erres in the ancient cage~

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    For those trolling the forums in part one of shroud.
    And for all those to whom don't think it is possible.
    I would have a sig, but Someone might be offended by it so I will just list characters.
    Vicinity, Serjical, Crashoveride, and far to many bank toons too list.
    -Sorry to any bank toons that are offended by me not listing mine-
    Ravensguard, Ghallanda. Speed run tracker for those that like a challenge

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