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    Default Ring of the Ravager Set

    Anyone have the Ravager set? How often does it Proc? How much damage does it do over time? How long is the duration? Can you have more then one proc?

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    I think it procs every hit, and does about 4 dmg a tick for not very long.
    (I am probably wrong on the numbers, but they are in range)

    Pretty much, it blows.

    I guess I am wrong then
    I tested it on some rats and I didn't get that high numbers and they weren't that close together, but I guess it just stacks up for some dmg
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    It procs every hit and does 7-10 additional damage on each hit, plus the DOT if you stop DPS on your target.

    It surely doesn't blow.

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    Personally, I think it might be one of the best DPS set against non-constructor / undead.

    The Ravager set give 2d6 untype slash damage against creature which is not constructor or undead (or maybe a few I didn't test completely) per hit on contact. And it also apply a DoT (damage over time) effect on victim will cause the same damage up to 4 tick (it will take effect 1 tick after last contact. Which means if you continue hit the same target, you won't have the dot effect apply because you just keep renewing it).

    Because it function as a separate damage type, the damage from Raveger's set will bypass target's DR ( so let's say you use masterwork club to hit the Suulomades, which you might make zero physical damage on your first number due to his DR, but the extra damage from Ravager's Set still works). The down side was some creature simply immunity to the Ravager's effect.
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