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    I'll be there. Really looking forward to it as I haven't made it to a con since Dragon*Con '07. Have a contingent of friends coming with me from Western NY.
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    Btw I'm turning 20 this Saturday so I'm going to be looking for some sort of party to get into....sadly the ones I've seen for PAX are 21+ maybe I can find something that isn't 21+ only heh
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    Looking forward to bumping into other DDO players tomorrow and Saturday at PAX East. If you can't find us, just ask at the Turbine booth and Tolero and Tarrant should be able to tell you if we've been around. I plan on stopping by there fairly regularly as my schedule permits.

    Also be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter feed @SteinerDavion and DDOCast's Twitter @DDOCast for the details of when and where we will be broadcasting/recroding from.

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    Talking Meeting was great!

    Hi Steiner wanted to say had a blast as did my cousin meeting and hanging out with Jerry and you! And most definately meeting the developers of the game they are all very cool people and a pleasure to talk with! Thanks for making my first video game show a very memorable one everyone!

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