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    Default Tower of Despair Pugs?

    Howdy ya'll, came back to DDO after a break and been wondering if there are Tower of Despair pugs? Seen the ol' Reaver, Shroud, Hound, VoD and more of Demon Queen pugs but haven't really seen any Tower of Despair pugs. Curious to know if peeps pug that raid.

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    A decent bit when it first came out - but they were hard to fill. Combine that with the fact that all it takes is one complete **** up in part 3 and a cake run raid turns into a nightmare real quick - and these days I don't even try to run tower unless I can fill the vast majority of the spots w/o an LFM.
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    Its been run less lately as people get ther ings they want or just get tired of messing with the until-recently bugged spikes, and consequently there have been less pugs because there are more interested friends/guildies.

    it was 3rd and 4th runs that were pugging spots

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