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Thread: money limits.

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    Default money limits.

    I am just a bit curious and so far have not been able to find this information myself. Is there a chart or something that shows the exact f2p money limits for each level and how it goes up? Or does anyone know what they are for each level?

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    There have been conflicting reports. Frankly Turbine dropped the ball a bit but not publishing.

    It does go up by level, very little at low levels, generous by L12.

    You get your limit raised to 4.2million plat, plus remove your current limit on /tells, mailbox use, and AH use, if you go premium. That means buying even the smallest amount of Turbine points ONCE. So for under $7 you get a some TP to open up an adventure pack and all your limits removed, its a great deal.

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    Alright thanks. I started playing about a month ago and have not been able to find it :/ I am planning on going premium for those advantages soonish but as of right now I am still f2p.

    2 extra character slots and all those limits removed just for the minimum purchase is just too good to pass up.

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    I believe the limit is like this

    Level 1 - 25,000 Gold
    Level 2 - 50,000 Gold
    Level 3 - 100,000 Gold
    Level 4 - 200,000 Gold
    Doubles every level up to limit of 42 M gold.

    But yeah, just make your life better and go premium.
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    I think you're off a level. It should be something like:

    Level 1 - 12,500 Gold
    Level 2 - 25,000 Gold
    Level 3 - 50,000 Gold
    Level 4 - 100,000 Gold

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