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    Lightbulb Patron Favor and Favor Rewards

    Updated: 8/28/2013


    With the influx of returning and new players, and release of the Menace of the Underdark (MotU) expansion, I felt it was necessary to update my original post (from 12-07-2009) which I had neglected over the years. I, and many others, continue to see a vacuum of core knowledge in DDO, as well a lot of incorrect information. Specifically with Favor ... how to get it, how to get more of it, what to do once you have it, and how it relates to the DDO Store.

    This is a quick overview of Patron Favor.

    There are several Patrons and each of them offers 'Favor Rewards' to you when you achieve various tiers within their structure, typically 75, 150 and 400 favor points.

    As you do each quest in the game, you are granted favor by the Patron’s house who gave you the quest. There are different amounts of favor you will earn based upon the level of the quest in addition to the difficulty of the quest (Solo, Normal, Hard, Elite, Epic).

    Favor from the same quest does not stack. For example, if you do a quest on Solo and earn 2 favor, then do it on Normal for 4 favor, then Hard for 6 favor, and then complete it out on Elite for 9 will only get 9 favor points total. Elite is the cap for the possible favor (unless you are able to do Epic). It is pretty common to see people run 'Favor Runs' where high level characters will run quests on Elite to max the favor out from the quest.

    You can see where your favor standings are on the Adventure Compendium (shortcut key = P) located on your top game tool bar. There you will see four (4) tabs: Adventures [this lists all quests in game and what the status of each is along with favor earned for the quest], Challenges [this lists the various House Cannith quests for Crafting], Wilderness [this lists the various 'outdoor' areas DDO has for Slayer, Explorer and Rare Encounters], and lastly Patrons [this displays the progress bar for the favor earned per House as well as total earned favor on the character].

    Things to Know

    These favor rewards directly affect your life as a character in DDO as opposed to Collectible Items you get from Collectors from turning in various odds and ends. If you are interested in an in depth look into this topic there are many threads on the DDO forums to satisfy your curiosity.

    In addition, as part of the acquiring of favor, for every 100 favor you earn, you are given 25 Turbine Points.

    Total Favor Available

    As of U19, there is currently 4,928 total Favor achievable in the game. Here is a quick breakdown of totals for each house and overall:

    Current House Favor Maximums Possible:

    * Agents of Argonnessen favor is 336. (As of U17)
    * Church of the Silver Flame favor is 540. (As of U14)
    * Coin Lords favor is 608. (As of U11)
    * The Free Agents favor is 624. (As of U11)
    * House Deneith favor is 318. (As of U11)
    * House Jorasco favor is 282. (As of U11)
    * House Cannith favor is 225. (As of U12)
    * House Kundarak favor is 342. (As of U11)
    * House Phiarlan favor is 375. (As of U13)
    * The Twelve favor is 342. (As of U11)
    * The Yugoloth favor is 111. (As of U11)
    * Purple Dragon Knights is 558. (As of U19)
    * The Harpers is 267. (As of U19)

    Favor Rewards versus The DDO Store

    Love it or hate it...the DDO Store is here to stay. I don't want to get into the community politics on this subject or the topic of Veterans vrs F2P. This is not a discussion for that. I'm also not going to list out every single item in the DDO Store. If you want to window shop, you can go directly to the DDO Store and look around or do the CTRL S in game.

    With the introduction of the DDO Store, Turbine has provided a 'shortcut' to getting some of these favor rewards at the cost of Turbine Points. Everyone has an opinion on this subject and frankly, my opinion is that,

    "A player will do what makes sense for him/her, to enjoy the game the way he/she wants to play the game, or has the time to invest into the game."

    For the purpose of this discussion, these are the most popular items in the DDO Store and which can also be achieved through Favor Rewards:

    * The Drow Race (795 pts or 400 favor)
    * Veteran 1 Status allowing you to start a new character at level 4 (1,395 pts or 1,000 favor)
    * 32pt Build (1,495 pts or 1,750 favor)
    * +2 Tomes (595 pts each or you get 1 when you hit 1,750 favor)
    * Favored Soul Class (795 pts or 2,500 favor)
    * Veteran 2 Status allowing you to start a new character at level 7 (Available if MotU expansion was purchased or 3,000 favor)

    * Note: All above prices subject to change with special % offers at the DDO Store.

    Regarding Shared Bank Space

    The default 20 slots of Shared Bank space is not available as a favor unlock. It is free to VIPs all the time. Or costs 1,495 pts if you are a F2P'er. The +10 Shared Bank space is not available as a favor unlock.

    You can also earn favor in House Kundarak for additional personal bank space, which is discussed below.

    Buy or Grind?

    Each of these, when purchased, are available on all servers for whatever characters you make, delete or remake. This is a nice benefit as opposed to when you 'grind' favor on a specific server... when you unlock a tier of favor (say Drow) it will ONLY be available on that specific server. You would have to earn 400 favor on each server to unlock Drow on each server. This is the one key difference and hook that most people bite on.

    Agent of Agronesson

    This type of favor is gained in the area known as Gianthold. Free to VIPs and in my opinion, definitely worth the Turbine Points if you are looking to buy an adventure pack.

    At 75 Favor, you get to choose from one of the following rewards:

    * A Collapsed Portable Hole (Useful when getting that extra backpack space.)
    * Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard
    * Flawless Siberys Dragonshard
    * Siberys Dragonshard
    * 2 Blood of Dragons potions
    * 10 Velah, The Red Dragon Cookies (Cometfall Spell)

    At 150 Favor, you are awarded:

    Draconic Vitality which gives you an additional +10 permanent Hit Points.

    At 400 Favor, are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    The Church of the Silver Flame

    In the Market Place, near The Old Catacombs, you will find Astra Quinlin of the Church of the Silver Flame

    At 75 Favor, you get the benefit of spells from the Silver Flame Brothers and Sisters in the taverns when you need to be resurrected or healed, have a curse removed, disease removed (you should always have protection!), blindness cured, or in general need a restoration at the following reduced divine rates:

    * Heal – 1,000 gp
    * Remove Blindness – 400 gp
    * Remove Curse – 400 gp
    * Remove Disease – 400 gp
    * Restoration – 600 gp

    At 150 Favor, you receive the Blessing of the Silver Flame, which helps you regenerate your hit points and spell points faster while in the city or in taverns. Their Holy services can also be purchased cheaper (by half).

    * Heal – 500 gp
    * Remove Blindness – 200 gp
    * Remove Curse – 200 gp
    * Remove Disease – 200 gp
    * Restoration – 300 gp

    At 400 Favor, you gain access to the Silver Flame Armory:

    * Silver Flame Healing potions – Heals 250, with a 30 second side effect: -10 to all stats, -50% run speed (Cost 400pp)
    * Lesser Silver Flame Healing potions – Heals 100, with a 30 second side effect: -10 to all stats (Cost 200pp)
    * +1 Ghost Touched Silver arrows (100) (Cost 30pp)
    * +1 Silver Arrows of Lesser Undead Bane (100) (Cost 30pp)
    * Mark of the Silver Flame – Used for Cannith Crafting (Cost 400pp)

    The Coin Lords

    Just outside the Lordsmarch Palace Bank in Marketplace, you will see a cheerful guy who goes by the name of Montague Goudreau. He is the one usually opening the door for you when you enter the bank.

    At 75 Favor, the Coin Lords give you a fourth inventory tab. MORE BACKPACK SPACE! By this point, it will be a relief to get a bit of extra room.

    At 150 Favor, you are given the opportunity to get the 5th inventory tab (for a total of 100 boxes of individual character space). You will need to provide the following two requirements to get the 5th backpack:

    1. 100,000 gp (10,000 pp)
    2. A Collapsible Portable Hole

    Once you have both items, speak to Ryo Silverbow just outside the Harbormaster's house.

    At 400 Favor, you will be told that you have graduated from the Coin Lord Finishing School, which grants a permanent +2 stacking bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate. (A feat you acquire)

    At 700 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    The Free Agents

    Capshaw the Crier is the loud obnoxious guy at the top of the stairs before you descend to the Water Works. He is the representative of the Free Agents. He is the type of guy anyone would want in their group as he always seems to know how to get his hands on various kits and tools.

    At 75 Favor, Sorvile Smythe, a Free Agent Vendor near Capshaw, will happily sell you +1 and +2 Healer's kits, Repair Kits, and Thieves' Tools. "Whatever floats your boat." (as he says). He offers you Trap Making guides as well as Vials.

    At 150 Favor, Sorvile Smythe then pulls out the good stuff for you... +3 and +4 versions of those same kits and tools.

    At 400 Favor, you gain access to Jaidene Forgemaiden, the Expert Equipment repair vendor in Zawabi's Refuge. She can repair your weapons and armour with a lower chance of permanent damage. If you don’t own the Demon Sands adventure, then you cannot take advantage of this. For those who are not VIP and do not currently own this adventure pack, it is one I would suggest getting simply because of the quests and named items in the area (ie: Bloodstone, Spectral Gloves and Ring of Spell Storing.)

    At 700 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    House Cannith

    Crafting and challenges… what more can I say? Do the challenges to gain the favor and unique ingredients you will need should you choose to do any crafting in DDO.

    At 50 Favor, you get to access a Patron Vendor which sells:

    * Crafting Exp Potion (5% bonus for 15minutes)
    * Crafting Chance (3% token)
    * Mark of House Cannith (BTA which when used in crafting, reduces the item’s minimum level of the item by 2.)

    At 150 Favor, you unlock the Artificer class on that server.

    House Deneith

    Oleg d'Deneith, the House Deneith representative, can be found upper area near the tower in House Denieth. He likes to trade war stories with the Rangers, which is maybe why I see so many around him showing off their battle scars.

    At 75 Favor, Oleg will be happy to sell you some of his stash of sturdy +3 arrows, bolts, darts, shurikens, and throwing hammers axes, and Large Wide Quivers.

    At 150 Favor, you get the chance to purchase regular and +3 returning arrows, bolts, darts, shurikens, and throwing hammers and axes. He has these in Adamantine, Byeshk, Cold Iron, and Silver varieties too. Oh, he also has Quivers, and Large Thin Quivers.

    At 400 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    House Jorasco

    The cutie up by the Open Palm Inn, Rhialle "Blossom" D'Jorasco, is who you will want to talk to once you attain each tier of favor in House Jorasco. She is the attractive lady standing next to Annabelle d'Jorasco...who in all rights of her own is another hottie. When Blossom informs you that you have achieved their favor, Annabelle will sell you 30-minute buffs. This favor is pretty quick to get and these buffs are very useful. I'd suggest running Delera's then go with Redwillow or Tempest Spine.

    At 75 Favor, Annabelle offers these spells to you.

    * Bless – 100 gp
    * Shield of Faith – 100 gp
    * Remove Fear – 100 gp

    At 150 Favor, Annabelle expands the menu for your selection.

    * Aid – 300 gp
    * Bear's Endurance – 300 gp
    * Bull's Strength – 300 gp
    * Eagle's Splendor – 300 gp
    * Owl's Slendor – 300 gp
    * Resist Fire – 300 gp
    * Resist Acid – 300 gp
    * Resist Cold – 300 gp
    * Resist Electricity – 300 gp
    * Resist Sonic – 300 gp
    * Water Breathing – 500 gp

    At 400 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    House Kundarak

    At the top of the stairs heading up to the bank in House Kundarak and standing outside is Karya d'Kundara. She will greet you as you stagger up the last stretch of stairs to get into the bank with a warm smile. In my opinion, this set of favor rewards is worth its weight in platinum. This is why...

    At 75 Favor, Karya will grant you another personal bank tab for only 20,000 gp (2,000 pp).

    At 150 Favor, you can give Karya another 80,000 gp (8,000 pp) for another bank tab (20 more spaces).

    At 400 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    So... recap the whole 'space' subject. From House Kundarak favor, you can get 2 additional tabs (+40 slots), the Shared Bank space (+20 free to VIP or F2P have to buy it), and finally...the increments of +10 upgrades to your Shared Bank space (+10 both VIP and F2P have to buy it). Space should not be an issue anymore.

    House Phiarlan

    Maris d'Phiarlan is in front of House Phiarlan near the mailbox.

    At 75 Favor, you she will allow you to purchase buffs that last for 30 minutes and they won't disappear when you enter the dungeons. Fingalar d'Phiarlan will be the one administering the buffs, so be nice to him.

    Prices are cheap and a great addition to your survival for the short to medium quests in the area. They also compliment the buffs you don’t get from your Guild Ship.

    * Jump – 100 gp
    * Mage Armor – 100 gp
    * Tumble – 100 gp
    * False Life – 300 gp
    * Resist Fire – 300 gp
    * Resist Acid – 300 gp
    * Resist Cold – 300 gp
    * Resist Electricity – 300 gp
    * Resist Sonic – 300 gp
    * Bear's Endurance – 300 gp
    * Bull's Strength – 300 gp
    * Cat's Grace – 300 gp
    * Eagle's Splendor – 300 gp
    * Fox's Cunning – 300 gp
    * Owl's Wisdom – 300 gp
    * Water Breathing – 500 gp

    At 150 Favor, you get a Phiarlan Pendant of Time (basically casts Warp Time on yourself). It is a clickable trinket with infinite duration until you enter a dungeon or wilderness area. It is also useable in semi-wilderness, semi-public areas of Crystal Cove event and the Mahbar event, although not the actual dungeons. This striding bonus does not stack with other striding boosts, but is useable at ML 1 (great for TRs)

    At 400 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible. You are supposed to be able to be able to get into the Erstwhile Emporium and speak with Reckard Sorl.

    The Twelve

    The folks are rather mysterious, so I don’t tend to stick around and get chatty with them. They are kind and Jeanselme will give you a Tiny Ingredient bag on your first visit.

    At 40 Favor, you gain access to the crafting Altar of Fecundity and Power Cell Vendor in Meridia.

    At 100 Favor, you receive a Large Ingredients bag as thanks.

    At 250 Favor, you are given a title of Honorary Member of the Twelve. No actual reward.


    Attaining favor in Amrath can be expensive and rewarding. Azdaf the Wary will sell you Yugoloth Mercenary Potions which cost about 1,100 plat each with 0 haggle skill.

    At 75 Favor, you are able to purchase a variety of these specialized potions.

    * Essence of Betrayal (+2 stacking Dexterity, +6 Sneak Attack to hit (+4 after penalty), -2 to Hit)
    * Essence of Cunning (+2 stacking Intelligence, regenerate 1 SP/6 seconds SP, -50% Fortification)
    * Essence of Desire (+2 stacking Constitution, +20 stacking HP (total +40 with con bracket), -5% melee speed)
    * Essence of Despair (+2 stacking Wisdom, +4 Natural armor, -4 Reflex save)
    * Essence of Fury (+2 stacking Strength, +8 Will save against Fear (+4 after penalty), -4 Will save)
    * Essence of Seduction (+2 stacking Charisma, +8 Fortitude save against Poison (+4 after penalty), -4 Fortitude save)
    * Mark of the Yugoloth – Used for Cannith Crafting (Cost 400pp)

    At 300 Favor, you are awarded:

    * Not currently possible.

    Purple Dragon Knights

    Welcome to the Menace of the Underdark expansion pack (AKA, U14). There will be more quests and raids to come in this new area in the coming Updates.

    At 125 Favor, you receive a Key to Eveningstar. This item allows you to teleport to Eveningstar once every 30 minutes.

    At 250 Favor, you receive a Spotted Wolf Pup creature companion.

    At 375 Favor, you gain access to the special raid crafting barter in Eveningstar. This allows you to complete the planar foci sets using either raid weapons or certain unique armors.

    At 500 Favor, Battlemaster Dint tells you, “You have grown exceedingly strong. We have not yet devised a reward befitting of someone of your accomplishments. Speak with me at a later time, when such a prize has been contrived.”

    The Harpers

    Expand your journey west towards the Stormhorn mountains in the Forgotten Realms in the latest game release, Update 16: The Netherese Legacy! Additional Harpers quests have been added continuing the quest additions from Update 15: Song of Druid’s Deep.

    At 125 Favor, you receive the Harper Pin. This item should dispel any Crowd Control effects incapacitating you and has a 10 minute cool down.

    At 250 Favor, you are awarded a Greater Harper Pin from Olarra Idlewist.

    How Earned Favor Affects NPC Brokers in Shops

    In some areas (like the Marketplace) there are arc quests, or adventure packs, you can do (in the case of the marketplace it's the STK chain). After you complete it, many vendors will talk and interact with you slightly differently.

    Generally, these are original release multi-part quests in the early years of DDO.

    * Harbor: The Lost Seekers -Waterworks
    * Marketplace: The Seal of Shan-To-Kor
    * House P: Assault of Splinterskull - Tangleroot
    * House J: Delera's Tomb
    * House D: Scoundrel's Run - Three Barrel Cove
    * House K: Sorrowdusk - Greymoon/Cult of the Six

    You get back 10% of the base price at normal vendors and 15% at friendly vendors. (and 20%ish at pawn brokers). Some vendors are always friendly and always give the 15%, an example is the portable hole general shop.

    I don't have a lot of information on this, and to be honest, I never really paid that close to the details of a price change. My characters have a wide range in haggle skills and frankly, I’m selling quick and moving on but this is the info which was shared regarding the topic. I'd like more input on this topic if somebody can shed more light on it. Thanks to the folks in this thread and previous discussions for even bringing it up in the first place!

    Favor Wrap Up

    If somebody has new information regarding this subject, I'll happily update this page (more frequently than I had been…). The same applies if I made an incorrect statement here about something here too.

    I hope you newer folks found this useful as a reference and maybe learned something. I'd also like to thank the old timers out there, for all the input given to me directly or indirectly from others over the years. Lastly, thanks to the Devs for adding all sorts of elements to DDO which continue to make it an exciting game.

    You may also download this information in a nice PDF...formatted for easy reading. PDF (As of U19)

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