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    Default Weapon/Armor Brokers: Can they learn a lesson from the Kundarak banking system?

    The clever Kundarak bankers have set up an extensive network of agreements so that no matter where you go, you always have access to your bank account - even in very remote places like Gianthold (how they got the Aurum to honestly manage the accounts is beyond me) and even on other planes! (I'll bet the Yugoloth were fun to negotiate with ) about getting the high end Armor and Weapons brokers to follow their business plan and band together, so that no matter where you go (House D, House K, Inspired Quarter, Amrath, etc), the really expensive gear is all available for purchase - regardless of which broker it was sold to?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the convience of being able to dump my 'vendor trash' without having to run all over the place, but the opposite is true when I am shopping for stuff.

    And also while we are on the subject of brokers, any way (other than bringing back a Tent instance) that we can see all the items on the Marketplace brokers across all instances? Its pretty annoying to have to visit sometimes 12 different Marketplace instances to check goods on the same broker. But honestly, I rather do that than have an enclosed tent again.


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    Oh, yeah. I love this idea. Although, I did score a Skyvault Shield from the vendor in the Inspired Quarter a month ago. I don't think it would have been there when I looked if items were shared at every broker stall!
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