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    Quote Originally Posted by Montrose View Post
    I almost always have my sound on, and more often than not I've got my mic hooked up and turned on as well. However, I rarely talk unless it's critical. Usually I'm chatting with my guildmates on vent and pretty much playing on auto-pilot.

    The only time it really matters what the group leader is saying certain parts of VoD or Shroud, and that's really only calling out health or giving assignments.

    Most of the rest of party chat I can lump into three basic categories:
    1) Useless advice - ("We need to pull that lever.")
    2) Bad/wrong advice - ("We need a cleric to do this quest!")
    3) Blather ("Blah blah my physics teacher blah blah detention blah blah OMG you're 33
    years old?!")
    Dang I wish I was 33


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    I dont care if you dont talk....but people need to hear...expecially in raids. If your main is a rogue you better have good guild/friends or never pug if you dont have voice.

    I love voice just for the social value but id never exclude a good player for not having voice.

    Couple funny stories real quick.............player A, met though random pugging, doesnt speak english well, prolly one of the greatsest dps max trap rogues ive ever met. (build looks obsence, but the guy understands he f-ed up but hes decent regardless.)....Who doesnt like a 2.6 dc soundburst some times?

    Second is a guy i run with regularly. He played a cleric and sorc before, now hes a barb, hes fast as h ell, knows what hes doing and lead raid groups though chat box.

    third....i run with a guy for about 3 weeks, met him in a pug, good player, seems like nice guy. So...after a while i ask him "why dont you use voice??". And i quote this response in type. "Well alot of people hear my voice and will boot me, so i just type." I say, thats wierd why is that? He says, "well im 11 and these people think im a n00B. (mind you i had been 3 maining alot of hard stuff on elite with him and guildie for abount a month.

    It can be done but it aint prefere everyone uses lips, but i try not to discriminate.
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