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    Default Sooooo The newblood move over to thelanis

    and the funny quotes arrive

    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'but i do tell my wife fairy tales'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'have oyu married your wife yet?'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'ofc not'

    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'srunk again mic ?'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'no it's khamee impersonating me..'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'i was drunk last night though'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'let me guess...'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'u proposed ?'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'no, i just opened some beers and drank them'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'do you get druink by proposing to somebody?'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'try it'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'that would rock'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Micron: 'a real cheap way to get tipsy'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Yumie: 'Kha, will you marry me?'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Yumie: 'no effect :S'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Yumie: 'maybe kha's response might do something'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Monkha: 'ofc susy ^^'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Yumie: 'yay kha!'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Yumie: 'still no effect tho '

    (UserChat1): [newblood] Monkha: 'if you see stuff you could use myst, just say so'
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'that includes housewifes ?'

    (Party): Your party member, Visixvi, has died.
    (UserChat1): [newblood] Monkha: 'I lured him down the shaft ^^'
    UserChat1): [newblood] Myheals: 'i bet u lured many down ur shaft kha'
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