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    Default Thoughts on a possible Monk build

    I've been thinking of doing up a Monk lately, but an odd thought came to mind: could a Monk actually 'heal' in a useful fashion?

    The concept I'm imagining is a Halfling Paladin 4/Monk 16. This loses the top end stances, but the ability to use Divine Power scrolls should well compensate for that. The feat progression would be something akin to: Least Dragonmark of Healing, TWF, Lesser Dragonmark of Healing, ITWF, Greater Dragonmark of Healing, GTWF, Maximize Spell. The Monk-only feats would probably be Toughness, Power Attack and Weapon Finesse.

    Starting stats would be 12/16/14/8/15/14.

    At level 16, the Pos/Pos/Pos Finishing Move would theoretically heal for 8d4 * 2 = 40 hp/use. Of course, it could only occur once every 20 secs or so. Our Monk would also have up to 5 300-pt. Heals and 7 (?) Maximized CSW.

    This build would get to use all the wands/scrolls available to Paladins (which is a fair sampling of the more useful low end Cleric spells) as well as a really weak Lay on Hands/Smite Evil/etc. They'd also get the aura (albeit at a weak level).

    Note that I'm not suggesting that you'd be running an epic with such a build as sole healer. The question is really: is such a build a feasible alternative to a more conventional Monk build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hjarki View Post
    The question is really: is such a build a feasible alternative to a more conventional Monk build?

    That also depends how much time and effort and how good a player is with twitch. Im not the greatest twitch player in the world but I am keeping up with combat I will forget the monk buffs time to time. However, theoriticaly spamming buffs and healing Ki can work but I would highly recomend not trying to count on that as amazing healing. It helps, just not a lot, its better at times when you have those long lasting mobs lots of people are beating on like in a raid.

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    Also, since you're going for the ability to help support group healing, here's a couple tips:

    1) You can use healing curse on items you have to attack to destroy (such as the magefire ammo crates in Stormcleave or the Splinterskull totem in Tangleroot) and the healing will work on everyone beating it down.
    2) True-regen trolls (the ones you have to use fire or acid to kill) can have healing curse put on them and everyone can whack on them with non-fire/acid weapons until they're at full health. The troll won't be able to stand up and defend itself, but it also won't die. Easy way to bring the group back up to speed while saving the cleric's spell points at the same time.

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