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Do what you do and dont even reply. If you do reply just send them this ":P" and keep killing them. Lick them till their big lollipop head shrinks. My rules for PvP... there are no rules.

If you dance me I will kill you.
If you dispell me i will kill you.
If you try to hold me i will kill you.
If your arcane... at some point you'll probably annoy me and ill kill you.
If your divine... Hit me with a searing light and then pray for server lag, making it somewhat harder for me to trip and kill you.

I respect it's pvp and I go by the you die rules to vaapad (Ty server lag!) but for that stuff it's just cheap IMO

when pvping being a caster or cleric is all ready unfair, and

neg lvl
Is making a toon less of what it is, casters complain not enough spells? You have plenty!!!! Melees get annoyed with that stuff because making unfair more unfair. Spell vs spell is more fair but when using that stuff is pretty much saying you need to give them a disadvantage to win, in my view. It's not rules more like a code or just something to do as to make things fair and not hinder people.

It self won't... Dance,neg lvl,hold,kill while tipped,debuff,kill while inincapp
just becasue I want to fight them at their full power and with that it's not a legit winin my eyes