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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiulaigia View Post
    Arcadia is a small guild and I remove those inactive people over 3-4week period without Word from them. We are seeking to spread our horizons into more VIP/P2P raiding and tempest spine farming (cause we all like the money).We also have a few who have vetern status that go out and make toons just to farm favor on for our F2P players. We like to take care of our members the best we can helping them out, although beggers will not last long.
    Although Small we are a family style more mature guild trying to focus on progression in this game covering all content possible. But to reach this goal we need more active/casual players. No Website yet as more people show interest in us we will have a website ready. Have access to a ventrilo IF people use it we will get a better server.

    Our Style like i said We are a small family a group or 2 of people always welcoming more as we are keeping it small and active which is hard to do unless players are VIP/P2P or dedicated f2p players that favor grind

    Arcadia is a opening up its floors to people of the level 9-13 range we are a few short due to activity and opening up recruitment for- 1st raid force/2nd raid force/Farming
    Barbarians (2) - Highly Wanted
    Sorcerers (2) - High Wanted
    Paladin (3)- Highly Wanted
    Bard (2)- Medium Desired
    FVS/Cleric (2/1) Medium Desired
    Rogue(2)-Medium Desired
    Monk (1)-Low Desire
    Wizard (1)-Low Desire
    Other classes are welcome to join as well as spots are opening up as people go inactive F2P players are welcome as needed Event passes might be used if the class is highly needed.

    I have my sights set on this in the near future if we get the classes that we need. And the active players (1 or 2 raid forces)
    VoN raid on sight
    Gianthold Raid in Sight
    Tempest Spine Farming

    If you see me in game feel free to ask more questions or my 2 officers (officer spots are open but onyl a few and eveyr member is on evalution for officer spots 2-3 spots) Drop me a mail if this sounds like the guild for you! =) Jiulaigia is my character ;-) im usually always on

    As we level and cover content we will definatly reach our way into the higher end/tiers Raids and farming for that oh so great true reincarnation as we reach that level.
    Still recruiting?
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    this guild failed if you are interested and fit the requirements for rest in pieces look me up thats my new guild that is having more success

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