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    Default Tumbling through enemies
    Was any reason given as to why tumble in DDO functions at only a fraction of its true power?

    In particular:
    Tumble DC 25:
    Tumble at one-half speed through an area occupied by an enemy (over, under, or around the opponent) as part of normal movement, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so. Failure means you stop before entering the enemy-occupied area and provoke an attack of opportunity from that enemy. Check separately for each opponent. Each additional enemy after the first adds +2 to the Tumble DC.
    If you pass the check, you can move through enemies that you would normally have to jump over, except now you can get past them even if the ceiling is low/they're blocking a doorway etc.
    This is the main thing I want tumble to allow, assuming it's not deemed too overpowered. But if you can jump over them, or just make them step to one side before running past, I hardly see a problem with being able to tumble through them, especially considering the DC of trying to tumble past an encompassing swarm of foes.

    There's also some epic tumble stuff here:

    Free stand is of particular interest, available at 35 Tumble.
    The character can stand up from prone as a free action (instead of as a move-equivalent action).
    In DDO this could be represented by being allowed to make an automatic balance check to stand up, at the same time you get knocked down. So you will still be forced to the floor for a fraction of a second, but you'll get right back up if you pass the check.

    Climb Vertical Surface at 50 would be very cool except that most dungeons entirely lack situations it could be used.
    The character can climb up to 20 feet (as part of normal movement) by jumping and bouncing off walls, trees, or similar vertical surfaces. The character must have at least two vertical surfaces to bounce off, and the two must be within 10 feet of each other.
    Just imagine an Epic version of Rackham's Trial without ladders, hoho.

    Oh yes, here is something somewhat related that slipped my mind at the time of posting.

    Would it be possible to have block/tumble mode?
    By that, I mean a button that when pressed would toggle block mode on and off, and all movement during that time would be tumbles, or those absurd crouching jumps if you cannot tumble for any reason.
    Naturally all normal rules would apply while block mode was active (you can't jump, if autoattack is on it does shield bashes, etc.), it just saves you holding down a button which is reasonably well-used for certain styles of play.
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    I have yet to effectively use tumble other then through water or running away (or falling). The implementation from my experience is very poor. In PnP I used to tumble all the time to get through mobs or even behind them for sneak attacks/flanking.

    The bigger gripe I have with tumbling is that mobility is based on a skill that is less than combat effect in implementation. In effect, I have to waste a feat for pre-reqs to get a less than effective feat such as spring attack. This in turn makes many feats such as spring attack even less worth while than if mobility was useful.

    IMHO, Mobility should apply to any time you are moving since jumping is the closest equivalency to PnP Tumbling. The alternative would be making tumbling a toggled ability.

    Tumbling pass-through would be a great bonus as well, but I believe it works the way it does because in PnP you are tumbling through the empty space of the 5' x 5' square, not actually going through the target.

    EDIT: Yes, I would LOVE to see climb added to a game, seems if anyone would have done it, DDO would be the one. At least we can put points into Jump, unlike most MMOs and their 6" vertical.
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