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    Default Monkly named items

    When i decided to start playing ddo I bounced around with a few classes to find one that stuck with me. started with ranger, found out bows were a poor combat option dropped it, did some bard, some rogue and a touch of barbarian before it clicked with monk.

    Then i found out that of the classes whose primary responsibility is melee dps, monk is considered the worst.... oh well I like the class sticking with it.

    so I did what I normally do, started reading up on specific(named) items I'll want to make a concerted effort to attain.
    Everyone talks about greensteel weapons... oops no GS handwraps , moving on.
    well maybe there are some good named wraps out there... nope, at the time there were 2 named handwraps(currently 3, one of those 3 is a starter weapon)
    secondary options: kamas... only 3 named kamas(4 now, dream edge is one kama with variable stats)
    qstaffs aren't finessable so i didn't want to focus on those. oh well guess i'm stuck with standard(AH) weapons, that should still be workable.

    how about defense, I'm stuck with robes surely there will be some melee focused robes out there... greater potency ... acid lore ... efficient metamagic ... power i/ii/vii/x ... this looks alot like caster gear, I'm not a caster I hit stuff!

    monk is THE most gear restricted class, and while that restriction does come with side benefits(unique or near unique buffs/debuffs, nearly at will elemental damage of choice, near infinite hold person(stunning fist), various other tricks) the lack of targeted gear for a class that needs gear to actually be targeted towards it, is quite bad.

    I understand its a tough choice, items(particularly weapons) that are strong for monk are among the weakest for non monks, and the devs probably want to avoid seeming favoritism for one class. But it's becoming quite telling when maybe about 1/10th of the named items in game would have any use at all for a monk.

    throwing out some numbers using the "Definitive Static Rewards and Unique Loot Thread"

    out of roughly 204 named weapons there are:
    3 handwraps: soren's(starter gear), weeping, devout.... 1.4%
    4 kamas: dream edge, Ral's wrath, redemption, nicked kama.... 1.9%
    2 shuriken: snowstar, shadowstar(only one active monk ability can be used with shurikens, 10,000 stars).... 0.9%
    22 quarterstaves: not gonna list em, check the link if you don't agree that they are overwhelmingly caster focused, counting rahl's might as one like dream edge.... 10.7%

    31 of 204 weapons a monk can use and still be a monk, 29 if you discount the shuriken(as you should, i use a crossbow if my monk needs ranged damage, shuriken are that bad).
    14% and the only reason it's even that respectable is the quarterstaves, take away half of those(being generous) and less than 10% of named weapons in existance are monk useable.

    long story short... monks need more shineys. I've pulled maybe 10 named items in my play time(I don't farm named, there aren't enough named out there to do so). A fighter or cleric might be ****ed at the loot gods over luck like that, but me, its just meh since I know even if I pulled them they'd go straight to vendor or shared bank if BTA.
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    but the best handwraps to use are weighted ones!!
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
    less buffing, more nerfing!!!
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    Humorous as Monks are supposed to be the, "We don't need Gear" class in D&D. DDO of course can't have that, but there are plenty of good items for Monks. Part of the issue is that Monks are a NEW addition to the game so the older quests (which contain a lot of named items) do not have items for Monks.

    That being said there are a LOT of named items that are useful for Monks, most dealing with things like Stat boosts(as Monks need several stats at solid levels).

    As for Robes... Heck I wear Deathblock of Heavy Fortification. They work well for me providing protection in one slot that many people use a couple slots for.

    You are right about Weapons though. Monk weapon options are poor and then on top of it there are no named weapons that leap off the page as being handy for Monks.
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