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    Angry DDO Store Haste Potions

    Quickens the imbiber, causing them to move 40% faster and attack 15% faster than normal each use. In addition they get a +1 dodge bonus that improves defense and reflexes for 30 seconds.
    5/10/25 stack - 120/200/450points

    30 seconds?

    single 30second haste pots in the market are what 300gp?

    How is this even worth the points?

    If DDO made the pots 3minutes, then it would be more acceptable.
    As it stands its a waste of points that could be used elsewhere (Xp/Loot gems, etc)

    Color me...not impressed

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    Seems to be a frequent complaint about the DDO store. That said, i don't buy anything in there that i can buy in-game.

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    if you don't want to pay for them in the store then don't buy them. while nice to have they are not essential to the game and, as mentioned, you can buy them in game for just a few gold pieces.

    this is a rather pointless thread.
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    I think you should combine your ideas with
    DDO News, articles and guides -
    With occasional contests with Turbine Points as rewards
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepingcap View Post
    I think you should combine your ideas with
    Thanks. Going to close this duplicate thread.

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