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    Default Going Rogue

    I stood in line to get my copy of this book from the local bookstore fearing it might be sold out early. Hot chick on the cover, so far so good. Then I opened it and started reading.

    To my chagrin it didn't start out well. I thought well at some point this has to get better. But guess what it doesn't! There's nothing at all about dex rolls, dps builds, searching for traps, sneak attacks, assassins, +4 daggers or anything!

    All it is some woman whining about how everyone in her party wouldn't let her make any decisions, about how something called a Couric made her look like a complete idiot (I couldn't find it in the monster manual but, I'm guessing it must be like a Sphinx), and how her group leader McCain wouldn't let her be rogue enough.

    Well, I don't even know where to start addressing this stuff. She doesn't even have any daggers! I mean, that's hardly the group leader's fault! She should have loaded out before the quest started!

    Plus, on every single page she bemoans her 8 INT build and blames her horrible playing on everyone else! It's her fault for putting all her stat points into Charisma!

    To sum up, this book is terrible. It's anti-rogue if anything. If you want a book on how not to be a rogue this has got to be the bible.

    I'm going back to the store now to see if I can get my hard earned plat back for this awful drek.
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    And all this time I thought the book was about Sarah's D&D exploits while on the campaign trail....drat!
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    +1 Rep to the OP for being freaking hilarious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolling20 View Post

    <sniped because the text didn't matter>
    I think the picture has been too generous with her breasts.

    I still like the pic though.
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    Hehe thanks for the laugh. +1

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    Is it just me or does it look like that chick has some "mysterious" sores around her mouth?
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