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    Quote Originally Posted by chester99 View Post

    1. a note field so I can remind myself why I did that in the first place.
    nm.. I read further in the thread and saw this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodhaven View Post
    If I squelch people they stay on the list for ever. I have a short squelch list.

    I also add them to my friends list with a comment to why they were squelched. This has an added benefit of notifying you when they log on so you can avoid them.
    This is how I manage it as well.
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    hey someone told me lorz put a funny comment in this thread but seeing i have him squelched i cant read it oh well
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    Default I dont /squelch I just blacklist

    Only one time did I attempt to /squelch but gave up after two failed attempts to get the command right.

    I PuG, always because I am in a two-man guild.

    As such, i have an extensive blacklist that grows every week.

    I keep it in a notebook near my cpu rather than wasting my friends list on useless or annoying folks.

    If someone is actually bothering me I am adept enough at using words to get them to **** off for good.

    Then again I PuG on a server with considerably fewer drama issues than say kyber or agro (added because of that trainwreck thread from today)

    How are things on Ghallandra, out of curiousity?
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