I would just like to put out that it was alluded in a email that the Rep System is in fact a tool to be used by DDO staff and anyone able to give neg reps to enforce forum rules and guidelines. I reported abuse of the rep system and was giving "A" reason for why I received a neg point was based on current forum rules. Unless the Mod is a mind reader OR he emailed and ask the person directly WHY a neg point was giving I am inclined to believe it was guess work and not real research for the report ticket sent.

Please note that on the Rep system guidelines nowhere does it state what counts as a reportable offense of the rep system. Why so vague? Why so ambiguous of how or what to report? More so when reported why was I directed to the forum rule/guideline and NOT for what the Rep system clearly states as how to give a pos/neg point.


Here is the link to the very rules and guidelines of the rep system, can a Mod or others show the precise line or words that say the rep system is to be used to enforce DDO forum rules/guidelines? To save you the trouble....it does NOT!

As I reported abuse of the rep system to be followed with somehow I was rude to the person who was trolling....would they have to filed a report of rudeness for them to find it rude? I did not find the person rude just his actions were rude. I did not file a report for such thing either. I filed abuse of the rep neg point as I did nothing wrong in said post to be given a neg point. It was a thread asking about the Xfire contest and why it was only for North America.....hardly a reason to give out a neg rep unless you are easily offended by others asking about a DDO sponsored contests.

So, please find me the line and/or wording on the Neg rep system page that states it is to be used to enforce DDO forum rules/guidelines that already have a system of its own.....that is the report tab. As it is not on there allowing people to give neg reps to people other then what is clearly stated on the rep system guidelines is above the powers allow by them. Only Mods are allowed to enforce DDO forum rules and guidelines as far as they told us. Maybe the Mod was mistaken and got the rep system confused with the forum rules and guidelines for being rude? I mean that would have to be the case as it does not state that as a qualifier to give neg reps. If forum rules are being enforced by the rep system can Mods/anyone please show me were is states that? If it is well known as a forum enforcement tool for breaking rules/guidelines that use to be on powers Mods dispensed then it would be easy for me to be corrected!

Other then giving neg points merely because you can try this old thing we use to do before this was forced on us and try...debating? I know it sounds foreign and crazy to discuss or argue without abusing rep powers but it really does work. It worked before the rep system came out....seems it is much easier to give neg reps then to disagree...which really is sad.

I would love to hear and be shown where giving neg reps is connected to the old and current reporting system for the forums. As the only thing connecting them at the very end of the page of the rep system is reporting abuse. And as it does not state WHAT counts as abuse, can DDO clear that up and not be ambiguous and elusive of what we are to report then? Before others get it in their minds that I am trying to inflame things, please note that I am asking legit questions that require very simple answers. Hold back your neg reps as none are needed here, just answers that if you are in the right would be very simple to answer.