Hi Folks!

A few recent discussions about quests lead me to want to post a simple question to the masses.

What quests do you find most enjoyable to run?

I'm not talking about for loot or XP, just what quests do you feel are fun to play regardless of any reward the quest offers.

To make folks think back to the lower level stuff, lets break this down by Levels to some degree. So I ask that you to follow my example of listing quests by level, but of course, if no quest in a particular level range excites you, then feel free to leave it blank. And you can list as many as you want in a particular level range.

My answers for this are:

Level 1-5
Enjoy: Misery Peak, Proof in the Poison, Prove your worth, Water works chain
Dislike: cannith Crystal, Kobold assault, stealthy Repossession, catacombs Chain

Level 6-10
Enjoy: The Pit, Gwylans Stand, Tear of Dhaken, VON Chain, Hiding in Plain Site
Dislike: Threnal Chain, Faithfully Departed

Level 11-15
Enjoy:Crucible, Undermine, Blockade Buster, Tempest Spine
Dislike: Tomb of the Tormented (perhaps the best named quest in the game), Sinister Storage,

Level 16-20
Enjoy: Coal Chamber, Shroud, Amrath Chain
Dislike: Hound of Xoriat, VOD,

Level 21-28 (figure I'd lump epics together since groups in epics can be any epic level)
Enjoy: Spies in the House, Crucible, VON chain, Study in Sable, Through a mirror darkly, In the Belly of the beast (disgusting concept though)
Dislike: Devil Assault (I didn't include DA in Heroics since I never run it on Heroic), CITW, Fire on Thunderpeak, FOT

that's my thoughts. Keep in mind, I didn't list every quest I like, just the ones that come to mind as my most enjoyable quests. I also didn't list every quest that I wish were better, just the ones that I really find boring or unappealing. (Basically I only run them if I must have favor or loot in them. ) Also, some quest I have not run at all or enough to have an opinion one way or the other.

Thanks Folks!