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    Default Noble by Design Presents a Level 3-5 PvP Tournament, Party vs Party!

    As per the title. I'm hosting this bad boy in just over a week's time on Argonnessen November 15th. Participants will gather in the Rusty Nail at the Marketplace.

    The entry fee is 500 platinum pieces per participant, per party. Anyone can sponsor any participant on any party to enroll; just specify which character the entry fee is for.

    Prizes are as follows:

    1st Place:

    50% of all entry fees collected.

    2nd Place:

    20% of all entry fees collected.

    3rd Place:

    5% of all entry fees collected.

    The remainder of the entry fees will be retained by the organizers as payment for the effort of organizing, administrating and promoting the tournament.

    Of course, all participants will receive honourable mention in this thread, when the results are published. The tournament may take place over the course of several days as the time of the organizers and participants permit.

    Interested parties should contact Nihileth on Argonnessen via tells or mail. If you contact him via tell, and wish to enroll in person, you will be given a destination to meet him at (likely somewhere in the Harbour or Marketplace) where you must provide the names of the participants, and their entry fees. Alternatively, you may be automatically enrolled by sending mail with the names of all participants, along with their entry fees. Note that mailing fees and entrant lists is the preferred method, as he may not always be available to collect payment and names.

    Note that we require at least four entering parties to proceed with the tournament. If we do not achieve this level of participation by the time the tournament occurs, all entry fees will be fully reimbursed via mail.

    Tournament will be organized as follows:

    -At the beginning of each bracket, 2 randomly selected parties will face each other.

    -Best 2 out of 3 wins the match, and advances to the next bracket, with the exception of the finals, which is best 3 out of 5.

    -Matches are always Deathmatches, and are always 10 minutes long. The arena type on the first round in a match will be random. Afterwords, the arena type will be at the current loser's (whichever party has the greatest number of losses) option. The winning party is whichever one has the most total kills at the end of time.

    -The losers of the semi-finals will face each other for third place.

    -In the event of a tie, parties will rematch until one party wins. That party is considered the overall winner of the match, and moves on to the next bracket.


    -Parties must consist of 2-6 participants, and each participant's character must be of a level between 3 and 5.

    -Parties are not to communicate with each other during a match, save what is strictly necessary for its coordination.

    -Poor sportsmanship before or after the match in the form of insults, threats, and other objectionable behaviour relating to an upcoming or previous match in the tournament will result in a forfeiture without refund if the organizers are presented with proof of such behaviour and find it to be problematic. Trash talk within reason before and after the match *ONLY* is permissible.

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    If you're not dead-set on Argo, I can offer to donate 20k plat to the prize pool on Sarlona - I've actually been planning on hosting a low level tournament myself, albiet with higher stakes and moreso focused on 1v1 matches. It's good to see someone else with a similar idea, especially since I'm pretty tied up with work and classes at the moment.

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    500 platinum? lol

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    When you guys make it over to Khyber I can get a 5 man ( well 4 man one woman ) team together !!

    I'll probably get cut from the team BUT it will be fun to watch regardless !!

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