Internet Browser Info
When viewing or making changes to Turbine websites please be sure you’re using Internet Explorer 6,7 or 8 (in Compatibility Mode) or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher. On alternate browsers (ie. Chrome, Safari or Opera) strange or incorrect behavior may be experienced.

Account Creation from Game Launcher
Please note that the Account Creation page linked from the game launcher may error out in some rare cases. In that instance new players who need to create a Turbine account and DDO subscription can use this link:

Also, enabling all cookies may allow you to create an account. You can turn them (all) off again once the account is created.

Error Creating Account
If you are receiving error (such as #FTx3ft57) when you try to create a new DDO account, please contact the Account Management department for assistance. Unfortunately, we don't have a web work around for this error at this time.

Adding DDO (or LOTRO or AC) to an Existing Turbine Account
If you would like to add another subscription to an existing Turbine account, please contact the Account Management department via phone or email and they will be happy to assist. We do apologize, but we don't currently have an automated option to do this on the website.

For either issue you can call or email. Information for both is in my signature.
Email turn around for assistance with this is expedited (generally within 1 business day), as long as you contact the Account Management department by submitting a ticket from this page and in the "Type of Issue" drop down menu select: "Free Key Request"

Be sure you're submitting the request on the support page for the game you want. If you want a LOTRO key, submit a LOTRO request page. For a DDO key, submit a DDO request.