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    Default Advice sought: Angel of Vengeance vs. Warpriest of Siberys vs. Any Paladin Build

    I am new to the game, freshly retired from WoW. I raided mostly as a Warlock, but palyed a Paladin near the end and wanted to pick up with that new found enjoyment in DnD. I am new to DnD Online, but I grew up on DnD novels and tabletop gaming. I have read a lot of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. The temptation to make a Drow fighter/ranger/bbn multiclass was strong

    I am trying to decide between the Warpriest Cleric, Angel of Vengeance FvS, or any of the Pally builds. Typically in game I love to solo, and solo the hardest content that can be soloed. Its a pleasurable habit I picked up when playing an Enchanter in EverQuest 1, long time ago. When grouping at the higher levels, I enjoy being a mix of dps and utility. Utility can be buffs, offtanking, offhealing, etc.

    Any advice from the community would be great. Thanks in advance

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    Default Hi

    I'll start by saying play the one that you like the most. Don't know if you are Free to Play or suscribed. But you will need to buy the FvS with turbine points. If you already did a lot of people think the FvS is a lot better than Cleric and if you like casters you will have a blast playing with them both of them are very soloble. The pally is also soloble but im sensing a caster for you.

    You seem like a PnP experienced player so the game will come a bit easier for you.

    You will be able to solo a lot of the quests in this game, basically 90% or more. A lot of it though comes from experience ofthe quests. So dont try to solo everything the first time, or just don't get frustrated at first if you cant figure it out.

    The reason why some quests aren't soloble is because you need another person to activate switches etc to do them.

    But welcome and hope you enjoy the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortenous View Post
    I am trying to decide between the Warpriest Cleric, Angel of Vengeance FvS, or any of the Pally builds. Typically in game I love to solo, and solo the hardest content that can be soloed.
    In that case go either fvs20, or maybe cleric18/monk2. A Paladin doesn't compete in terms of the variety of what he can solo. For example, one little Air Elemental can be a monumental struggle for a Paladin, but a Cleric, FVS, Wizard, or Sorcerer kills it almost before you know it was there.

    To solo New Invasion would be pretty impressive for a Paladin, but to a Cleric it's nothing special (and if you failed you'd be embarassed).

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    Hmm I might be missing something, but if you are asking about the premade builds that Turbine offers from the character planner, most vets would recommend against it. First, they are all 28 pt builds, but also unless you diverge from their preset path, your customization to play the types of toons you seem to want to play will be severely limited. I have seen many players with those premade builds, not having the basic feats and spells (if casters) alot of us would expect to see when running with them. I would instead looking at some of the builds listed on forums and then press customize and build one from there. The premade builds may give you a good start, but it is doubtful you will want to keep them to level 20.
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