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    Default My DDO Wish List or things I would buy from the DDO if add!

    Ok, just started back up after a nearly 2 year break, was waiting for new stuff to come, and so far it seems to be, being able to buy stuff up front is nice. With that said, here is some stuff I REALLY would like to be able to purchase from the store or if sort on cash earn via favor.

    First off, races, yes they have been done over and over, so why no just add one more to the list for our friends at Turbine

    --My reason for these is simple, No +Str class exists, and I always liked the flavor of that rough in your face type of character that half-orcs often portray. That and if they were added its about 90% likely that they would have a few Barbarian based Enhancements, and hopefully if Druids (Yes they will be on here to) are added, Half-Orcs will have loads for them to.

    Dragonborn and/or Kobolds
    --Who doesnt like Dragons? Actually HIGHLY suprised they are not in for that very reason. They also provide a nice race that is good for well, Melee, Caster, and Specialist type characters. They fit into a sort of catch all, and if their Enhancements fit this, I could see them being extremly fun to play. Oh, and Kobolds Paladins rock!

    --Our celestrial friend has had it all said before, favored class Paladin, another one im suprised isnt in yet. Teiflings would be nice as well, get our polar opposite and some a new race for Wiz/Rogues. The added elemental resists are nice to if they are kept and even better if Enhancments are made to add upon them.

    Thats about it for races for me, I'm easy to please in that regard, and to be honest if they add Kobolds and Tieflings i'd be set for life. Classes on the other hand, I can easily go on for pages with classes I would love to see make it. To start off are the following.

    --A nuker mix of Wiz/Sorc, larger spell choice then sorc, lacks the variety of the wiz, but wow, adjustable spell list, acess to some of the best damage spells on the cleric/wizard list, all with your Int modifier tacked on. Add to this the ability to use Light Armor and Shields out of the gate, and d6 HP, makes them far less squishy then your average mage. Warmage just seems like it was made for this sort of game, its easy to add, is different enough to warrent addition, and would be just plain fun to have.

    --This one im alittle biased on (Ok more so then some of my other choices :P), for me Warlock provides a solid debuffer with some nice damage options, again gives us another Arcane class that isn't quite so squishy, with higher Hit Dice, and the ability to wear light armor. Eldritch Blast if done right would make for a nice At-Will ranged attacked with scaleable damage, and that could be altered via Enhancments on what type of damage, if its a cone, spray, ray or line attack, and any modifiers it might have. Make their invocations useable a number of times in the fasion of enhancement abilties and perhaps tied by lvl. Warlock could be alot of fun, and the number of possible builds, be it Melee, Caster, Debufer, Ranged DPS.

    --Sadily for this one I understand why we don't have it, and its the same reason I want it so bad. Animal Shape, and its various alterations, and their Animal Companion. Without those both, Druid is just a cleric with a slightly differnet spell pool and armor/weapon selection. At least with Mercs having been added, it seems like Animal companion can't be to far behind, real question is how much work they have done on shapeshifting.

    and my final class choice for the day......

    Healer (Amen Minitures Book)
    --This class I want added for two reasons.
    1) So people who like to play Bards, Clerics, Favored Souls don't feel presured to heal.
    2) Cause I love how they set up the healer, Empowered Healing ability that stacks with the feat, Once/Twice day uses of various utility heals such as remove effects and eventually rez's, and a spell list that includes buffs, heals, and heal over time spells that works in a way simular to Warmages, in that they are limited only by how many SP's they happen to have, and if Turbine see's fit to give them their Unicorn then well that would rock!

    Now for my spell Wish List, for this its more vauge, and so far Turbine is doing well on its own (Snowball Swarm is so much fun).

    Some more variety in Acid, Cold, Electrical spells arcoss all levels. Would love to be able to make a Wiz or Sorc and focus on say one Type and be able to choose useful spells at each level of said element and not feel like I'm picking the worse spell of that level. Snowball Swarm and Electrical Loop, and Acid Spray are a good start.

    Some possible spells, the Elemental Orb line, both lesser and greater versions (Level 1 and 4 if memory serves).

    Feat wise, wouldn't mind some new caster and rogue feats, loads and loads of good melee stuff, but caster and rogue wise, seems like I'm picking the same feats everytime regardless of build. Once I get ahold of some of my Arcane/Divine books I'll list more in this section.

    So feel free to post your wishes, bash mine, or discuss what I listed. Oh and enjoy and support Turbine *Nods*

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    I would love to see cold and electric answers to Wall of Fire and Acid Fog.

    Totally agree on warlocks, one of the coolest classes in 3.5. Give us Hideous Blow and Eldritch Glaive, and I'll be deliriously happy.

    New alchemical rituals would be great. Armor ritual that gives DR 1/- or increases all existing DR by 1. Clothing rituals. Weapon ritual that gives +1 to hit. Etc, etc.

    Dragonborn suggestion seconded. Modified 4E version please.

    Instruments of the Bards (Ollamh Harp et al) as trinkets.

    Adaptations of more item sets from the Magic Item Compendium. We already have Regalia of the Phoenix, how about Gharyn's Monastic Array, Regalia of the Hero, Five Virtues, Seven Veils, etc?

    More items from the MIC, period. Crystal Echoblade would give me a happy.
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