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    Default A Monk suggestion regarding finishers

    As we all know, Monk have been subpar for quite a while, though are on the rise as we speak. Now with the release of module 10 and Metaline handwraps they have got competetive dps, and in some situations even more than a lot of respected dps builds.

    There are still things that needs to be fixed and improved though. And one of them is the Finishers.

    Finisher problems
    1. The duration is static, and is never changed.
    2. The Area of Effect on the buff effects are very small, and often means that half the party misses it, this problem is tied to problem 1, as with problem 1 you have to keep recasting it often, and the party isn't always stacked up so neatly.
    3. They pull you out of Combat Expertise

    My suggestion
    1. Base the duration on Monk levels, the equation could be as simple as (Monk level)/x+1. Where X is something like 4 or 5. Meaning a level 4/5 Monks duration on buffs such as "Walk of the Sun" is 2 minutes. And a level 20 Monks finishers has a duration of 6/5 minutes.

    2. Increase the AOE to double that of a "buff circle". This would still be a bit limited, ie wouldn't reach the clerics in most fights, but it would be a lot better. Perhaps base it on Monk level as well, though that could be hard for them to design, unless they base it on some existing Area of Effects. For example on 1-5 levels it's the size of which it is now. At 6-10 it's the size of a normal buff circle, etc, etc.

    3. Change it so they doesn't.

    These changes would mean that Monks would be more welcome in parties, and they would become better and more solid as a class as well. It would also promote taking more than just 1-3 monk levels, as taking more would increase the efficiency on some of the most used Monk Finishers.
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    There is already a handy duration formula used by prayer/recitation/haste/etc that seems fitting

    Higher on the priority list should be fixing dark finishers so they actually work though..
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