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Thread: DDO Wishlist!

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    Default DDO Wishlist!

    It's that time of the year, and the holidays are upon us! Satan, and his elves are currently working very hard to keep our Christmas happy ; ). SO! For you non-naughty people - if you could change a few things in DDO what would it be? Anything is up for question!

    Me? I would raise the level cap to 25-30! Epic levels are without question the best time in DnD ; ).

    I would also add some more weapons for Monks. Some type of slashing two handers, like a glaive/spear, and some piercing one handed weapons would be nice. Just in general monk weapon selection is hideous. At least if they added some type of Glaive(Two handed slashing) all classes could benefit. Or a spear that acts like a piercing Falchion.(2d4, 18-20 crit range, with x3 crit multiplier.

    Oh, and monks would gain double damage, double melee attacks, automatic haste of 100%, double AC, and double HP. Then they would be balanced!

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    I guess that is why they call it a wish list

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